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has anyone else had this injury?!

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  • has anyone else had this injury?!

    Its been two months of pain! Has anyone had an external/internal transverse abdominus injury right where it attaches to the hip bone? And is this typically a long-term injury? Im sure its not a fracture, due to sypmtoms but its right on the ASIS region/illiac crest of pelvis and i can feel pain upon stretching, running, and my gluteus medius is really tight, although probably not the cause of my real pain, just myofascial trigger points.

    Here are some pics: (the second pic is the stretch that replicates the most pain)

    I have recently started to eat more protein/red meat, which led me to this sight. This was a running injury, and like mark, im totally over getting injured from too much running. Everything about the primal lifestyle/diet and fitness is clicking, i hope it aids in my recovery from this nagging injury! If anyone has experience with this injury, i'd appreciate any tips/feedback !
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    Doesn't that muscle run right up through the hip and attach to the spine? I'm totally unclear on anatomy... I just know my psoas is chronically tight from years of step aerobics an chuck taylor shoe wearing.... the pain is right around the asis region actually and can go down my leg, also pain in the joint now and then (quitting dairy has helped with that) and also a fair bit of pain in the glutes...

    Do you get relief doing a lunge type stretch with your knee on the ground? I find that to be the best stretch... for me. I also find that rolling on a physio roller helps because as a result of this, my IT band & glutes get crazy tight.
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      I'm wondering if you are having the same issue I've had for awhile. I don't know enough about anatomy, but my discomfort is right above the hipbone and just below the waist slightly to the front of the body. I had it on the right side for a long time and after not running for awhile it just went away, now it's on the left. It mostly bothers me after running and even though I haven't done much of that lately - I can still feel the discomfort if I move a certain way.


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        Yes, it could be the psoas and the stretch you recommend does temporarily "stretch it out", but the stretch that is the most specific to my area of pain is probably the IT band stretch where you lean into a wall with legs crossed standing up. it pulls on whatever tendons are hurting by my hip, so i dont do it much. Similarly, Lynna, I used to have this same pain last fall, it diminished, and now its back only 100 times worse. Pain is often worse when I walk with a narrow stance, or with toe slightly turned in. Another symptom is pain when i turn towards the injured side while that leg is in front of me while walking. Now thats it has been three months and not really healed with rest from running, swimming, and the like, i am going to an orthopedic. I will let you know what he/she thinks!


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          It could be tension and/or myofascial trigger points in the tensor fascia lata where it attaches to the ASIS. Tfl does medial rotation so the pain patterns you are describing make sense. When tfl has these issues the IT band, glute medius and Illiopsoas are all commonly affected. The area is usually too small/ awkward to get at with a foam roller but you could try a tennis ball or a smaller rubber ball to work it.


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            Thank you very much, Gianna. The orthopedic wasn't much help since it is not a bone/joint injury, as my x-ray revealed. He said, "well must be your abdominal wall!" I do have pain upon pushing onto what could be the lowest ab in the groin area. More specifically, this "trigger" point is directly under and to the left of my right side pelvis' ASIS region. Tfl was another thought I had. No doubt, there are multiple muscles involved, all keeping eachother from loosening or healing. I tried to ask the doc, if it was just an ab strain, how does that explain why my gluteus medius/tfl was painfult too! He was pretty arrogant, and just said, "if you hit your finger will a hammer your whole arm hurts!" ...Frustrating as it is, I know my body is kind of telling me it needs more manual therapy...I will try the small rubber ball. Thanks!


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              getting to the root of the problem

              I just bought a foam roller and taped some tennis balls after reading up on hip and thoracic mobility on this website =). While im at it, i will work on ankle and shoulder mobility too!


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                Probably, knowing me.
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                  I had a knee injury just before going Primal that got worse just after starting Primal. I really do think the bone broths and eating meat on the bone is helpful for these types of injuries. I've had no hint of trouble since (about a three-month healing time). Good luck to you, injuries can be so frustrating!
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