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  • Knee Pain

    Quick background, I was kicked right under my knee cap about a year ago during training and my knee has never been the same after that.

    Recently I started doing barbell training again to increase my strength and have had no issues with my knees and squats or any exercises. On Wed morning before I did any workout my knee starting hurting, i didn't workout the day before my routine days are M/W/F. I decided to try to workout anyhow even though my knee was hurting and had no issues with the squats. The pain only occured when I walked not squated.

    Do you think it's safe to continue to train squats if I have no pain while performing the exercise even though it hurts almost any other movement? I havn't been to the doctors yet wanted to wait it out a few days to see if the pain goes away on it's own.
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    I have similar pain from time to time. Going primal and ditching the grains dramatically reduced this. However, it still comes back sometimes. I mainly feel it when I do weighted step-ups on a bench. It goes away pretty quickly. If yours does too, then I would not worry too much. Obviously, if it increases or lingers, then you will want to address it.


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      i've banged my knees more than a few times. recently i had some of my meniscus removed, and my surgeon found that part of my knee cap had sort of broken off and was just floating there, which may have done some damage. so, get your knee checked out just to make sure there's nothing going on in there that would create a long-term problem.

      in regards to squats...if it doesn't hurt, keep doing them. squats done properly don't put nearly as much pressure on the knees as a lot of doctors would have you believe. exercise is good. as long as i'm moving, my knee feels fine; when i stop and stand still, that's when it starts to ache.


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        I did recently notice if i'm sitting and just kick my foot up to get motion going i have their weird grinding feeling under the knee untill the knee pops and then it goes away. Pain still stays below the knee.
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          It sounds more or less like what I have! Unfortunately I can't remember the exact name, but from what I was told it's common in taller males in their early-mid twenties--any chance you fit that description? It goes away within a few years, and shouldn't be any cause to limit your activities.
          I, too, had pain mostly when walking, and an uncomfortable grinding noise. It never hurt when squatting, and in fact I credit doing squats, letting go of shoes with big heels, and adjusting my walking stride so I was taking slightly shorter, less jarring steps with essentially curing the pain aside from an occasional flare-up.

          That said, your knee injury is a complication in the whole affair, and the best thing you could do to be sure and put yourself at ease is to see a good real-life orthopedist. Best of luck!


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            Dont mess with your knees. Is your form correct, especially do you keep your shins straight? The first rule of Squat Club | Thor Falk There are a number of reasons why you dont feel pain during squatting even though the squat is causing it. But of course the squat might have nothing to do with it - so go ahead slowly and use common sense.