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  • Incline Workout Progression

    As I mentioned in another thread, I like walking up the really steep hills in my neighborhood for exercise. Considering that I'm not in great shape and considering how steep the hills are I get pretty lightheaded and extremely winded after climbing 3-4 small blocks. Eventually this workout is going to become easier for me and I'm not sure which way I should amp up the workout when it does. I figure, there's two things I can do:

    1) Add weight. (like carrying kettlebells with me as I go up)

    2) Go faster. (improving the time it takes me to go up the hills)

    I'm trying to build a lot of muscle mass. I guess adding weights would benefit that more. Or can I put the emphasis on speed on some days and do it with weights on other days? Do you think one of these is superior to the other?

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    I often carry a kettlebell in a backpack when I hike. I'll stop every fifteen minutes or so and knock out 3 to 4 sets of 20 swings and/or snatches. Great addition to the hike and it makes the hike go by quicker.


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      Do a different workout :-). But seriously: do both, or either/or. I liked the Kettlebell-in-backpack suggestion (carrying them with your hands will of course be better....) and to do some swings/presses/snatches every so often.

      They key is: keep variety, and if you max put at something it is clearly time to do something else...


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        carrying them with your hands will of course be better....
        Actually, not. The momentum will put too much strain on your joints until you build sufficient muscle mass. If you want to build muscle, focus on that first.

        I've found that my steep hill walks have gotten easier as I have progressed in the bodyweight PB Fitness workout and doing my dance sprints once a week.
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          Well I went up 5 steep hills(3 were extremely steep) with a 20lb kettlebell today. It's a good cardiovascular exercise, it gets me super winded but it's not wearing my leg muscles out. So tomorrow I'm gonna do it with 50lbs. Hopefully it will be intense enough to where I won't be able to make it up more than one hill tops.