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    Hello Everyone,
    I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, but I didn't want to go through all the gazillion posts/threads, so bear with me...
    I think I have the eating portion down-pat, something that was easy for me to do as I've been changing my diet to Real Food for the past 7 years; the only changes I've made recently (since January) have been eliminating grains and legumes from my diet, but I'm still a dairy-lover (Raw Milk only!), which I don't want to give up (I like my homemade raw milk kefir and yogurt, not to mention all the lovely full-fat cheeses...)
    But in regards to the Primal Blueprint way of exercising, how do I start? Maybe it's my perception, but it seems everyone here is an athlete in one way or another. Something I'm not. I have the PB book, have read it through, but I'm really at a loss on where and how to start with the fitness. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it? I already "move at a slow pace", trying to walk to work as much as possible, or to the market, or anywhere else....But the Lift Heavy Things, and Sprinting portion?
    If someone can give me a few ideas on how they started out, that would be great. Also, suggestions should entail home or park workouts -- not gyms, I won't go there. I'm very methodical and like to plan, so this is proving to be a challenge for me, not to mention the exercising is so foreign. I really need to be fit -- my muscles are wimpy and my shoulder girdle has very little strength (I cannot do a pull-up, and girl push-ups can be challenging).
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    it sounds like you need to take a look at Mark's Primal Fitness. it's a bodyweight program for lifting heavy things, but the ebook (available for free on this site) goes through the moving slowly and sprint routines as well. there is a self assessment test to get you going, and the exercises start off at a very beginner level for those "wimpy" muscles, which you'll soon find out are not so wimpy.

    grab the ebook here


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      Thank you very much, primalrob. I just downloaded the ebook, and will read it today!


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        hahahaha... athlete ... hahaha... ok, just hang on a sec while I catch my breath

        All kidding aside, I am not an athlete and probably never will be. I'm definitely not a gym person and I couldn't run around the block, let alone do a 5k. What I can do, and do, is take a 20 minute walk every day on my lunch hour doing a variety of lifts with a set of 2 lb arm weights while I walk and I do 20-30 minutes at night on a recumbent bike while I'm watching tv.

        My Lift Heavy Things involves lifting an 18 kg box of cat litter 5 times (that's about 200 lbs total and nearly kills me) and doing other kettle bell-type lifts with a couple of full bottles of laundry detergent (about 8 lbs each).

        I can do 5 girlie pushups on the floor or 20 wall push ups. I do squats and lunges for flexibility and can now touch my toes. I couldn't do this a month ago!

        Start by doing what you can and don't sweat it too much (literally!). Whatever you can add to your day is worth it!
        Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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          Thanks, Belinda -- I couldn't stop laughing at your introduction... too funny...

          I like your ideas of using household things -- but I wonder, while lifting the box of cat litter AND changing the cat litter box when needed, doesn't it start to get pretty light after a while? haha

          Thank you very much for your input!


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            *pokes big belly* nope, no athlete here. Although I have been following the Primal Bluebrint Fintess Ebook ( as closely as I can... I haven't tried sprinting yet because I'm a big fat scared-ey cat) and I have gone from wall pushups to knee pushups, and I can hold a plank now for almost ten seconds! This is from not being able to do a plank at all!

            Just keep at it, use the modified exercises until you can progress to higher levels. It takes time and dedication, but it's not "hard"

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              Monday - strength training from the ebook
              Wednesday - hill sprints.... find a nice hill and sprint for 30 seconds up it. Walk back down. repeat 6-10 times.
              Friday - strength training from the ebook
              Sat or Sun - yoga... find a local studio and go to a beginner class.
              Rest of the days just walk.

              When you reach the top levels in the ebook, can run a 200 meter sprint in 30 seconds and can do a handstand in yoga class... come back for a new workout


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                Seconding the PBF eBook, though if you're a total newb, I wouldn't do sprints right away. I'd do something like couch-to-5K instead.
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                  Thank you, arthurb999 -- I now have something to start with. While writing my post, my mind was completely blank on HOW to start -- especially since PB recommends not making a schedule or routine. ('Be spontaneous, and if you don't feel like doing anything, don't'...OK, that's my paraphrase..) But since I'm such a newbie, I think I need to start out with a schedule just to get going. Perhaps I'll add everything in "layers" -- with strength training first for a few weeks, etc., and so forth. I downloaded the ebook yesterday, but was unable to read it - darn, life gets busy - I will read it soon, though.

                  And thank you CoyoteVic and erica057 for you input! It's much appreciated!
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