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    I like to go for walks on the (extremely steep)hills in my neighborhood and I was wondering; what is the best posture/alignment/form/whatever for the movement? On steep inclines I guess it's instinctive to take longer, digging strides and to lean forward with the upper body but I read once that for a more effective workout that you should take shorter steps and should keep your body pretty vertical to the ground/not lean forward. Do you think that's correct?

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    I always lean a bit forward but when I'm walking uphill I take long easy strides and when I'm running uphill ( or up steps ) I take short strides with a high knee action , it really fries my legs ....pretty sure that trying to stay vertical would take a lot of the drive out of it


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      Originally posted by simodalcais View Post
      when I'm running uphill ( or up steps ) I take short strides with a high knee action , it really fries my legs
      Good idea... once I get to where I don't feel like I'm about to pass out at the top I'm gonna start doing that.

      Originally posted by Jesselyn
      If you are not leaning forward somewhat...wouldn't you be risking falling backwards on a very steep incline?
      I would assume sure does feel dangerous when I do it lol!

      Originally posted by Jesselyn
      hey, you could just claw your way up! lol.
      Good idea heehee!


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        We've got a steep hill near our house. 2000 vertical feet in less than a mile. It gets really steep at the halfway point, which is at the one-third point in time/effort. Think about a steep staircase with steps ranging from 6" to 24".

        The most efficient way to go up is to lean forward and put your hands on your knees and help your quads with your arms.

        The way I prefer to go up is to keep perfect posture and make each step a step-up. That works my glutes and hammies and lets me practice good posture under adverse conditions. It costs me about 15%, time-wise. But I'm not doing it for time.

        Pick your poison.



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          focus on contracting your abs and let your legs do whatever they need to do to get up the hill. If your core is locked on then it is perfectly fine to lean a bit forward. Walking inclines is a fantastic core workout!!