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  • Head/forearm stand

    hey guys! on a whim today i tried doing a forearm stand. btw, i know my form sucks. i really didn't think i could get this far. the first two times i tried, my fall didn't hurt at all. the last few times (beginning with this recording), i fell fairly hard and hurt my neck a little. can you help me figure out how to fall gracefully so i don't f*** something up (or scare my husband)?

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    In that pose, if you're tipping over, tuck your chin and roll. You have to also engage both your core muscles and shoulders in that pose.


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      oh that makes sense! i thought i was doing something wrong with my lower half, but it makes sense to tuck my chin.

      i was focusing on using my arms to bear weight, and essentially to lift my head up just millimeters off the floor to ensure that i wasn't using it as a crutch. i'll pay more attention to my core next time (after doing this 6-7 times, i feel really floppy now), but as you can see i'm really struggling! thanks for the advice.
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        core is everything--guide with your hips also. imagine pulling your hips forward (just a bit), engage your abdomen & shoulders, lengthen your spine and bring your elbows in just a touch on your next attempt... many yoga instructors don't recommend this, but sometimes going to the wall helps so that you can have a bit of support and understand/feel the sensation of engaging your bandahs (forgot the spelling--but basically your main ab muscles)...

        i also recommend tucking your chin and rolling out if you fall
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          Bring your elbows in a bit closer to the sides of your head. It will feel a bit weird at first, but will provide you a bit more stability.

          Also, in order to feel more solid in your lower body, try and engage your leg muscles by squeezing your thighs towards each other on the way up and once you are up.



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            I did a headstand tutorial a while ago that you might find helpful. It's one of my older tutorials from when I first started blogging so it's not as good as some of my more recent ones, but it's still probably worth checking out.

            Btw, everyone falls in the beginning. That's how you learn!
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              thanks al, and everyone! i think i may try this more often, it really was a lot of fun.
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                Could not agree more with js290, learning to roll out is a great benefit. Hopefully you are doing this on a mat to start! Try going back to your childhood and do some summersaults, shoulder rolls...whatever you want to call them. Get use to rolling from your shoulder across your back as you tuck your chin...look at your belly!
                Another learning tool for core and head/hand stands is this... I hope I can explain it fairly.

                Squat, with you hands flat on the ground in between you knees, each elbow touching the inside of the knee. First start by just leaning forward and balanc ing on you hands! Then settle back, then do it again, each time slowly! lowering your head to the floor.. a pad/mat is a must. If you tip then just roll out of it. Eventually what you will be able to do is rest on your head between you hands, your feet come off the ground and your knes are resting on your elbows! are doing a hand supported headstand with your knees bent resting on your elbows. After getting good at that you can try to extend your legs up off your knees so you are straight then lower back to your knees and return to starting position... a great core and balance workout!

                Becarefull and use a helper until you are good at it!!!!

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                  to set up your arms kneel down and grab your elbows with your hands., it will give you the proper distance between them. then cup your hands together keeping your elbows in the spot and stick your head into the cup. does that make sense?


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                    yeah, i think that's what i did. i'm going with the forearm form because my neck is not very strong; it seems like the other technique would be dangerous for me.
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                      ok, with this one, i agree with the person above -- bring your elbows close together.

                      and, no weight on your head. honestly, your head just gently brushes on the floor, and there's more weight into your arms and shoulders. push shoulders to the ceiling.


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                        Wow that's pretty good Saoirse, you're a brave woman!

                        Now you have inspired me to give this a try.


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                          Okay, I tried this using Al's method and it seems pretty difficult. Saoirse is using a different method which appears might be easier for beginners. I found this video on YouTube which was helpful.