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  • Regimen needs Variety

    I think one of my biggest problems working out is that I don't know a ton of exercises, so the ones I have get done over and over and that's not always healthy. for example, let's say I do push ups today. then i'm not supposed to do them tomorrow, because my muscles need time to heal. Okay, that's fine. let's say tomorrow I do a heavy lifting day instead and kill my legs. The next day i'm back at push ups, though I still feel a bit weak doing them. The day after my legs are still worthless, so I guess instead of doing push ups I do planks?

    Really, I need some other options. Usually I do push ups at the office about 6 times daily (in reps of about 10). this week I've taken to doing those in reps of about 20 every other day. On off days I do squats or planks. I want to do proper heavy-thing-moving twice a week. When i want to do upper body stuff I often do the bear complex, because it will beat the crap out of me, but that also works my legs pretty good. And when i want to do legs, all I've got is squats.

    Anyone have a better way? I'd like to mix it up a bit to start seeing some decent progression, but at the moment, I have a hard time even charting that (maybe a workout log is on order, but without a pretty regular schedule, it's hard to say if I'm improving).


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    Don't be afraid to purchase a kettlebell.


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      Good call. I'm also going to make one of those bulgarian bags. that should help with upper body variety, but I'm still iffy on lower body work. Anyone have any suggestions for lower body exercises that are not squats? I can only do so many (though so many is about 100 at BW).


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        I think if you are doing some interval running or sprints/hill sprints they are some of the best lower body workouts. Jumping rope may be a good idea as well.
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          Just get a program! There are a ton of good programs out there. You don't need 1000 exercises, what you need is consistent progress from workout to workout - that is what really keeps working out interesting and rewarding. You need goals and a realistic path to accomplish them. By "goals" I don't mean "get fitter" I mean, "squat 200 lb for 3 sets of 5" etc. People are always talking up various programs on here - from simple fit, to Mark's program, to SS, etc. Even just following the "100 pushups" book will make your workouts more interesting and useful - it's a progression with benchmarks and goals. Getting fit is a major project just like any other - it can often be accomplished haphazardly, but nearly always works better with a clear plan developed by someone knowledgeable.
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            Here's a blog I follow that sends out daily 20 minute workouts. They're all simple exercises requiring minimal/no special equipment, with beginning/intermediate/advanced options depending on where you are in your fitness.

            The Daily Fitness Solution Blog

            The Daily Fitness Solution Blog: What is The Daily Fitness Solution?
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            My primal log


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              Thanks a lot. I'm going to give the daily fitness blog a shot and see how it goes.


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                You could always try some sandbag lifting? Sandbag Fitness
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                  Push a vehicle, especially a big one. My friend lets me push around his Nissan Titan for exercise, it's fun! Just make sure the area is very flat. I second the kettlebell suggestions, they're so versatile.


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                    For the record, today per the instructions of the daily fitness solution blog, I ran 20 minutes for distance. I don't run. At all, but I did it. Well, I jogged half the time and walked half the time, but a) I did it and b)I did it barefoot.

                    How far did I go? Well, only 1.3 miles, but I still feel good about it. Since I've never really "run" before (even when I played soccer) it's a personal best!


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                      Get a sledgehammer and do Shovelglove: The Sledgehammer Workout