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I need a good, SIMPLE back exercise

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  • I need a good, SIMPLE back exercise

    So I've been primal, diet-only, for a month and have gone from 205 to 188. Yeay me. I'm now ready to start the exercise plan. One thing I've noticed is I seem to retain fat in my upper, outer back just under my armpits (epic anatomic description, I know). Can anyone give me a simple exercise that might firm this up? I'm not the gym type, so I'm a little clueless.


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    Pull-ups, plain and simple. And if you can't do those, just start with the ebook that's online and do the progression for pullups. If you don't have a pull-up bar it's easy enough to buy one of the ones you can hang over door frames, etc. and can double for pushups (those also help, but aren't as good as pull-ups)
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        You seem to be looking for spot fat reduction. Forget it, does not work that way. Do proper exercises for firming up your whole body


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          Congrats on your progress so far and welcome to the wonderful world of exercise!

          There is no better back exercise than the pull-up. Check out my article on learning to do pull-ups if you can't do one yet. If you can, then check out my guide to all kinds of pull-ups.

          However, keep in mind that what Thor Falk said above is true - you cannot spot reduce the fat on your back just by working the muscles in that area. You must continue to lose fat before you will have muscle tone.
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            If you're not up to pull-ups yet, try prone cobra. It's sort of like plank for your back. Lie on your stomach with your hands at your sides, palms up. Keeping your feet on the floor, lift your upper body off of the floor. Hold for 90 seconds (or more). Again, it's not going to get rid of any fat, but it will help strengthen your back.


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              I would second (or third..) what has been offered so far. Pullups are the cheapest and easiest exercise for back in terms of needing equipment and finding somewhere to do them. You can get a portable pull up bar at Wal Mart to hang in any door jam where you live. I have two...( I bought the wife one as well when we were doing P-90X together).

              But I would also add that the bent over row with a dumbbell is a great back exercise too. It targets a slightly different area of the Latissimus Dorsi (i.e. back muscle) and recruits other muscles in support in the movement that pullups may not exactly hit. If you can work up to doing this and pull will be golden.

              But if you have to pick one...start with the wide gripe pull ups as your first back exercise. Its a great one...
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                I would workout everything... not just your "problem areas". You can't spot reduce fat.
                Start a good strength training program.


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                  thanks all. i appreciate the feedback.