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Primal Fitness Achievements for Us Wimpy Types

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  • Primal Fitness Achievements for Us Wimpy Types

    I've never been much of an athlete and am overall pretty wimpy when it comes to any physical activity (used to could run 6 miles but that was before motherhood set in). I'm hoping to become more outdoorsy and physically active now that I've discovered the primal lifestyle and am getting healthier. Yesterday, I hiked 4 miles and kayaked across a lake to a little island and back. Interestingly, my fit but not quite primal husband had sore arms today and I didn't Did I mention I'd never set foot in a kayak until two days ago?

    Would love to hear of any primal fitness achievements from those of you who aren't so athletically inclined or who started this in not so great shape.

    P. S. Some things that hold me back from outdoor pursuits are a tendency to sunburn easily, attract mosquitoes, and achieve terrible heat rashes.
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