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LBS gain after 30 min cardio?

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  • LBS gain after 30 min cardio?


    I have been on primal/4HB plan for ~8 weeks now mainly for weight loss. And I lost ~13lbs so far which I am more than happy about. I have been keeping a detailed log of my meals and light work-outs. I mainly do 30 min ellipticals 2x week.

    Today, I looked through my log and noticed that I almost always gain about a pound when I weigh myself the morning after the work out day. I do my cardio after dinner. I am not too worried about this since I do end up losing that additional pound and some more in a day or two.

    But I was wondering why this is happening. Thoughts?


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    Increased fluid retention in the muscles is fairly common after exercise.


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      Originally posted by scooby View Post
      Increased fluid retention in the muscles is fairly common after exercise.

      and..."A 2 pound weight gain doesn't count, since it is the size of an average turd"
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        Good to know... And yes I am not freaking out about it. Just wanted to understand what's going on inside of my body which is a huge part of primal I am guessing.



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          Are you drinking anything while you work out? Water has weight.
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            3-4 lb fluctuation due to variations in fluid / feces levels in your body is normal. More Primal is 1) not to weigh yourself, at least no more than twice a month, and 2) do more exercise if you can manage! You should be looking to get off that eliptical and do something more intense and physical asap.
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              My weight can vary by up to three 3kg in a week - lowest after a 4hr paddle session in which I dehydrate somewhat. Normal daily variation is up to a kg, though I don't check much any more
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                Thanks for your comments! Yes, I will eventually stop weighing myself and move on to more intense and physical. I have a few more pounds to lose. And my main goal as of right now is to lose weight I've accumulated over 30+ years eating carbs and junk food.

                Anyway, I am grafeful that I found this site and forum. I started out with 4HB plan to lose weight quickly. Now, I am realizing that I need to change my lifestyle forever thanks to this site and the rest of community!