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Correcting an imbalance?

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  • Correcting an imbalance?

    Well my issue I don't think is technically a muscle imbalance actually lol, but basically one of my legs is significantly weaker than the other. It also has way poorer balance than the other leg and also my step with that leg is crooked. My foot points out to the right while the foot on my stronger leg points straight. I don't know if the weakness and poor balance is related to the crooked foot or vice versa. The quad on my 'good leg' is a lot smaller than the quad on my weak leg(although the calf on my weak leg is bigger than the calf on my strong leg...).

    So now when I do my weight workouts I'm trying to do single leg stuff and I let the weak leg set the pace. It's really frustrating though because my balance is so bad with the weak leg that I can hardly get anything done. I really am not sure what to do to strengthen/correct my weak leg. But I literally am falling over constantly when I try to do one-legged stuff on my weak leg.

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    Looks like you are doing the right thing though - perseverance is important. Just beware overuse injuries. Good luck


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      Maybe you should pay a few visits to a Chiropractor , I had a similar thing with my shoulders ( dodgy rear deltoid on my left side ) due to my work . After 3 treatments it was much better and is still improving . At first I thought what he was doing to treat me was extremely strange , but as weird as it all seemed , it did the job . Its still nowhere near as good as my right side but I can feel it catching up !


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        The link to this blog was included in Mark's blog post today (about the Lacrosse balls) | Mobility WOD. I'm going to delve into this to see about addressing some pain issues and muscular imbalances. But as usual YMMV.
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          The single leg stuff is good and always start with the weaker side.


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            I'd second the recommendation for a chiropractor. If you have bad leg imbalances then it's likely you have back problems as well.