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Why aren't you supposed to lift weights every day?

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    Originally posted by Nomad1 View Post
    I keep reading the advice that you need to have rest days between heavy lifting. Why is that? It seems like CW to me. Farmers, lumberyard workers, warehouse workers, Construction workers etc., lift heavy stuff every day in their jobs, they don't get to take rest in between. Most of them have great muscles as a result. Does anyone ignore the rest advice and lift every day or most days?
    It really all boils down to stimulus versus recovery.

    Generally people that lift for their jobs don't lift to/near muscular failure on any individual task - this has more in common with a "greasing the groove" style training(which can work well for progressing pushups/pullups, among other things), than it does with a pure strength-based program.

    A typical strength training program, regardless of the specified rep range, generally goes to a point not too far from muscular failure. These kinds of efforts produce more microtrauma in the muscles, which necessitates more recovery time.

    The only circumstances under which training every(or most) days is an option is if: 1) You're generally doing submaximal efforts (think "greasing the groove" style training), or 2) you're training different muscle groups on each day. More typical strength training is anywhere from 1-3 times per week, depending on protocol. I typically do 3 sessions per week, but on 2 different patterns - so each particular workout is only once every 4-5 days.
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