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substitutions for deadlifts & barbell rows?

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  • substitutions for deadlifts & barbell rows?

    Can anyone give me some substitutions for deadlifts & BB rows?

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    Drop the BB rows if you have too and you can deadlift anything. Dumbbells, a sand bag, etc. Don't drop deadlifts. They are as functional and primal as it gets.
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      I use dumbells for now. As I progress, I'll branch out to more creative things to lift.
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        if you really need an alternative then you can look at the clean and press or other variations of the deadlift like single leg deadlifts. I think the deadlift though is one of the best weight exercises you can do as it exercises so many parts of your body.


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          DONT sub deads... they are necessary.

          that is all


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            I tried very hard to use bb rows effectively a while ago. I ended up dropping them and i am so happy i did. I feel they have done nothing good for me. I think dumbell rows are better, but i say fudge those too. However i know they work for some people, but most people they don't work for. Pull ups are far superior. NEVER REMOVE DEADLIFTS. One reason; my doctors tried to tell me to never do those as it will injure my back further, well it turned out that deadlifts were literally the cure for my back ailments. Plus they are one of the most functional moves ever. You cannot substitute deadlifts, nothing will mimic the movement as effectively.


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              Well, that depends. Why are you substituting? Is it a form thing (i.e..dead lifts can be dangerous and possibly harmful until you get your form down pat)?
              Or are you just tired of doing the same exercises and want to change it up to have some alternatives? If its the latter, then replacing them gives you another problem. Deads with proper form work legs and back (primarily). So, to replace it you are moving from a compound exercise that involves multiple muscle groups to breaking down to several more isolated movements which focus more strictly on one muscle group each. So, you will have to replace it with several exercises to be consistent and to properly work the muscles.And the disadvantage to doing the compound exercises are natural movements, generate more intensity, involve more muscle groups and use more energy on average.Thus, they work the "body" better than isolating a muscle group. So, they are better for building bigger muscles. You get "all over" strong as opposed to only one working muscle group. So, injury and/or pain aside, I wouldn't recommend getting rid of deads unless you are so well developed that you don't need any more size or muscle mass. Its a great compound exercise for building strength and size. Plus, what is more Grok-ish than heaving a bunch of weight up off the ground with your body??RrrruuuuaaaHH!!!

              However, if for some reason I couldn't do deads any more then I would replace them with some of the following exercises:

              For Back: Dumbbell Rows (Heavy), Pullovers, Wide Grip Pull Ups, Seated row and Cable (or band) pull downs
              For Legs: Squats (Front and/or Back) with a barbell, Dumbbell Lunges,Stiff Legged Dead Lifts (with dumbbells),Calf Raises with weight
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                As you can see from the replies it might make sense if you'd explain why you want to sub, especially the deadlift