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    Hello All. I'm a PB rookie and started the program last December. I would like to know is it ok to do the P90X workout program while on the PB lifestyle? I haven't started it yet. but I want to because I live a sedentary lifestyle and my workouts will are my only real form of activity besides the normal household duties.
    Being that P90X works different muscle groups per day, it gives that particular muscle group a resting period. Is it compatible with the PB fitness regimen?
    I'm 5'1" 165 lbs and consuming 50g carbs or less and 30g of sugar or less daily. I make sure my protein is 100+...fat I just eat I dunno how much I consume daily. I'm not losing much body fat.
    I dont use the scale I can care less about that..i'm concerned with inches.

    Even though I stay within my carb & sugar rations does it matter what I consume.
    I like Hageland's 80% Ugandan chocolate (primal choco) and I currently consume a bad protein powder once a day sometimes every 2 days depending on my protein consumption. Optimum Nutritions Hydro Whey Velocity Vanilla ( 2g carbs...0g of sugar per serving )
    I drink 1 cup Blue Diamonds Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk or SO Deliciouse unsweetened Coconut milk with the protein powder.

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    You're probably gonna need to up the carbs for adequate recovery. If you don't, you'll probably bonk after a week or so. Also keep in mind that they do NOT recommend eating at a calorie deficit while doing the program. For good reason.

    I love p90x but I don't do the program as was too intense for me and led to overtraining and, I like to do other stuff than *just* p90x. These days, I mostly use the core, kenpo, plyo and yoga dvds. I prefer another program for weights (Chalean Extreme, also from beachbody), but I like the some of the p90x ones as well and will do those when I want to change things up.

    If you're aiming for weight loss, I'd stay away from liquid calories. You shouldn't need a protein drink after p90x.
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      Ok then...more veggies for me then :-) Thanks..
      I'm doining Insanity right now...but it is too harsh on my hips, knees and joints. So after I complete the 60days of insanity...I will go to moderations of P90X. I have 3 BB programs and don't want to buy 4...I have P90X, Insanity and Turbo Fire lol. I hope it will help my fat loss progression.


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        I think Mark actually said this (and after 10 years of trying to figure it out by myself), but 80-90% of how you look is your diet. Exercise helps, but probably not to the significant amount that most people think that it does. I am not saying to NOT exercise, but the actual program that you use is going to be insignificant in comparison to what your diet is going to get you.
        I tried P90X for 2 weeks and got rid of it because of Tony Horton. That dude is soooooooooooo annoying that I just couldn't take it anymore. However, it did lead me to Mark and the PB life. So it was good for that reason.
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          Check out fit-zaangs blog. He is doing p90x and a big fan of paleo


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            The nice thing about p90x is that if you do other things like walking, house work, visit the gym no and then, it is a great substitute for the days you want to workout at home. YOu don't need to follow it exactly to see results! Only if you want the results you think they are talking about! Remember much of all of this is in you mind also. Eat right and be happy with what you have, get some movement and things will change. I use p90x on the days when I can't leave my room.. when it is blowing 90MPH and you can't see 20 feet. Or when it is -35 for weeks on end ..LOL. ANyway I use it when I want and skip to the parts I really don't like. I have learned the routines so I can do something else while they do something I am not good at or am restricted by space in my room. So mostly pushups, and band work. I also use a rebounder! Which is less stressful on my knees.

            Good Luck!
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