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    Greetings from the 'Great State of Virginia' ~
    I told my son that I would post this to see whay ya'll think or have opinions of.
    I am thrilled that he has taken to the Primal Blueprint and cares so much about his health and fitness. I think he has gone a little too gung-ho and wish he would slow down a wee bit, but that is just his mother worrying.
    He is in the Mid-East once again and is eating as Primal as one can eat in Kuwait. He works out twice a day religiosly and I am amazed at the pics he has sent.
    He takes a number of supplements and has really gotten into protein shakes that he loads up with flaxseed I send him (yay). He told me he has been reading up on HMB and wanted me to order 6 bottles. I researched it myself and see that it is a BCAA which should already be in his whey protein.
    Mostly what I read was, 'save your money' and put it into products that have better research to back it up.
    I have enclosed a blurb about the product for those that may not know what it is. son Shaun is 26 and in great shape....AND every mother's dream child !
    He wants the pill form, not the powder
    Thank you for any feedback you can offer
    ************************************************** **********************
    You've probably read about HMB supplements, but wondered what they actually are, and whether they are effective in promoting muscle growth & recovery.
    HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate). Is a substance produced by the body in the form of BCAA, leucine. It is also found in small amounts in foods such as grapefruit, alfalfa and some fish species.

    The powder supplement form of hmb has been on the market since 1995, and is taken by bodybuilders and athletes trying to build muscle and increase strength levels.
    How HMB May Help You Build More Muscle
    HMB helps the immune system, and some evidence suggest that it may also help build muscle size and strength, decrease body fat, and lower blood cholesterol levels. Sounds pretty promising! The problem is that scientists aren't sure exactly how it works.

    They believe that HMB is involved in cellular repair since it is a precursor to a crucial component of cell membranes that aids in growth and repair of muscle tissue.

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    'They' believe a lot, don't they?

    More supplement propaganda horse shit.

    Short-term beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate supplementation does not reduce symptoms of eccentric muscle damage - UQ eSpace


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      Save your money on this one...HMB did nothing for me while I was doing Body for Life. L Glutamine however helped me with recovery time.


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        I found HMB useful in preventing lean body mass loss when I was on a protein-sparing modified fast style diet, but beyond that specific use I have seen no benefit from my remaining HMB capsules. I echo what's been said above: HMB would likely be a waste of money. (If, however, your son anticipates some days when he wouldn't be taking in sufficient calories/protein, they could hypothetically be helpful in staving off LBM loss.)