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Surf Trip Coming Up - Questions on Diet and Fitness

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  • Surf Trip Coming Up - Questions on Diet and Fitness

    Hi all,

    I have a two week surf trip coming up to quite a remote place in Indonesia. Ill be on a boat for two weeks, and then back to land.

    For training ive basically been doing crossfit, swimming and surfing when the surf has been on. While also trying to complement that with stretching. Onto the questions:
    1. On the boat I think there will be a fair bit of rice in what is served. Should I try to avoid this for the majority of the trip and stick to the Paleo / Grok way of eating?
    2. Whilst on the boat, should I be thinking about doing any other types of exercise? Im figuring on taking a foam roller with me to help me stretch out. Things that I might of been thinking of is stuff like planks, and chin ups to keep up the muscle use.
    3. Is there anything else you guys can recommend for training for a trip like this where there will be a lot of surfing?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Except for nasi goreng, the rice will usually be served on the side, so easy to avoid. Indonesian food is mostly primal, though there is some use of peanuts. Frankly, I'd say just enjoy the food and leave some rice on the plate - it is polite in Asia not to eat everything as it tells the host they have given you enough. What better way to do it than leave some rice. There will be a little palm sugar or tamarind pulp in some curries, but not enough to get excited about.

    BTW, most of the satay you get is made with coconut mik, not peanuts, so feel free to enjoy them. I love Indonesian food. Enjoy
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      man i love nasi goreng too.


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        Hard to go past sate ayam
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          i agree. eat what you need to, and don't worry about a little rice over two weeks. also, if you'll be surfing and swimming a lot, then don't worry about any other exercise unless you want to do it. and then, just do what you want. this is PLAY and REST so *enjoy* it.


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            You will have a great trip over their its a magic place and the surf is fantastic, I didi a two month trip travelling overland thru indo about 10 years ago.

            I wouldnt worry about what you eat or drink as you should be in the water surfing 4-6 hours a day, when I did my trip I ate a huge amount of food and drank plenty of bintans (beer) and still dropped weight. The hot climate, local food and plenty of water time was great for the body and soul. I didnt do a boat trip but there was plenty of fresh chicken, fish, meat and veggies on offer on the road.

            Pre trip fitness your onto it, surf as much as you can and swim, short brust high intensity training would be good for streching those lungs for the scramble to the horizon to beat the closeout sets.

            Enjoy your trip
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              Hey all,

              Thanks for the replies. Any suggestions on any supplements I should be taking over? Im thinking magnesium, possibly some fish oil. Any suggestions?


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                I would not worry, we holiday in Bali for upto two weeks at a time and never bother with supps.
                You may want to take some Imodium or charcoal tablets to help with an upset tummy. Have you been before?
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                  yeah ive been a number of times. ill be taking some probitoics, and the rest that u suggest. i just really want to optimise my surf time tho....


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                    Take a waterproof stuff-sack, fill it with sand and follow our workouts on Sandbag Fitness
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                      Diet and fitness is most important part for our life. I think good fitness is depend on diet so in my knowledge fruit diet is a best and healthy diet fir fines. Drink a lots of water and eat more fruits in your daily life. Also exercise is very important for fitness.


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                        I would go over there and eat everything put in front of me on a trip like this, and probably still lose weight. For the amount of exercise you'll be getting, a bit of rice isn't going to hurt, and it'll probably be delicious.


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                          To answer question number 3 it seems like you are already have a pretty good fitness program. Surf specific training includes focusing on:

                          -Swimming for paddling endurance
                          -High intensity interval training for maneuvers
                          -Core workouts
                          -Flexibility and mobility exercises
                          -Prehab training

                          It seems like you have the first three pretty much covered. I would just focus on including more flexibility and mobility exercises and then also do "prehab" training or preventative injury exercises for surfing specific.

                          Daniel - founder sft30


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                            I don't think anything gets you in "surf shape" like actual surfing does. It sounds like you are covering that as best you can.

                            The next part is knowing which foods will keep you powered up for a day of fun. I know myself, and I would be coffee/cream for dawn patrol, meat/fruit/water at mid-morning/lunch, and then a big ol dinner with beer, and jump in for glass off. After all that it would be Vitamin A (Advil), Vitamin S (Scotch) or C (Crown), and some light stretching before bed. It is vacation right? Surfing is a great workout, I would not feel bad at all about eating rice all week long. In your position I would not stress at all about food, unless I was running out of gas in a session.

                            Enjoy it. I am envious.