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Any cure for tendonitis / tennis elbow?

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    A round of physical therapy then follow the stretching protocol. My orthopedist said if everyone did 10 min of daily stretching, he would see a third fewer patients. I'm a believer, especially having just finished the first six weeks of rehab following shoulder surgery. Bulling through pain is not a good idea, nor masking it for any but a short bit of time.
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      All, after I have taken your suggestions and produced a little aide-memoire for myself, I thought I might as well make it a bit prettier and share it. Thanks all for your input - and if you get a chance to look at the note and feel anything is wrong/missing, please do let me know! 2011-03 Addressing Tendonitis (Thor Falk)


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        I had tendonitis in an ankle tendon. Podiatrist recommended the ice/heat thing and some time off it as much as possible. Then he recommended a light walking program. And as for the lifting....well, I've got a case of double frozen shoulder going on now and before I knew what it was, I was doing some light strength training. I laid off that thinking it would help...and ended up stiffer and with less range of motion.


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          Originally posted by Thor Falk View Post
          Hi, given that I have already mentioned it twice today that I got myself a tendonitis from lifting (deads & pull-ups) I wonder whether anyone has a good recipe to shake it?

          My doc said to use Ibuprofen creme, but I am sceptical (NSAIDS and all that stuff - didnt understand the issue, but Kelly Starrett said they are no good, and what Kelly says I believe....)

          I tried hot / cold also (ie warming it up for 15min, then 15min rest, then icing it). Not sure whether or not this works - it might, it is just so slooooooow.

          Any views/experiences/sources? I hate that I have to cut out all pulling from my workouts at the moment, especially given that I cant do vo2max work either (other reason, see Updated plan: the plan is changed | Thor Falk if interested)

          Hello, I know this is an old post and I hope you have found some relief by now. I have had tennis elbow for quite a while. Mainly from splitting wood etc. I can tell you I bought on Rogue Fitness the VooDoo x bands (you can also find them on ebay, the they are called 'floss compression bands' I bought the red colored ones) and after a few weeks of wrapping my elbows (both of them since they both hurt) I am 100% pain free and (knock on wood) have been for the past 5 months. Let me tell you, it does hurt a little bit BUT with pain comes pleasure and TONS OF RELIEF! The great thing is they are pretty cheap, $25. You won't be healed over night but if you read into the mechanics and dig deep into the theory of compression vs the RICE bs method you will see that compression is actually what makes most senes...treating the pain at it's root cause and ACTUALLY FIXING THE PROBLEM, not putting a bandaid on it. Rest works, ICE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING (the short version, icing an injury basically freezes the nerves so you don't feel anything...woopdie doo you don't feel the pain but when the area warms back up guess what? the pain is back. bottom line icing is a temporary fix), Compression actually works, and i don't know about elevation because you NEED, NOT WANT BUT NEED blood flow to the injured area. Like i said you won't be healed over night but after a few weeks of doing compression about 2-3 times a day I had no pain and can do all my wood working, heavy cleans in the gym, deadlifts, pullups, etc etc. I'm not a rep from anyone and won't make any money if you buy some of the compression bands from Rogue or off of Ebay but you won't regret it. I would also get a small bouncy ball and put it right on the area that hurt and wrap the compression bands around it and then move my fingers and push on the ball (NOTE THIS WILL HURT BUT IT WILL HELP HEAL!!). Honestly, do some compression, small exercises with light weights that target the area and some rest. A great little exercise is grab a little 2-3lb dumbbell and just curl it with your wrist like you are doing a forearm exercise do both curling in (palm facing up) and curling out (palm facing down) LIGHT WEIGHT and that helps too.

          P.S. make sure you get the RED COLORED BANDS, not the black ones. The red are thicker so they offer more compression.

          That's my 2cents. Hope this helps!!


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            I have always found ice, continued stretching and kinesio tape to do the most for my injuries.

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              As far as supplementation, I always recommend "Elbow Revive" in conjunction with a high quality fish oil. I suffered from elbow tendonitis for months and it's the only thing that helped. I'm sure timing also had some to do with it, as I took a few months off from my normal gym routine, but as far as supplements go, Elbow Revive is the best I've come across. I also tried Super Cissus which has the same main ingredient in it. According to the "Cissus Experts" (not sure if they're really experts), it's been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. I think the most important thing is rest and doing the recommended stretches (just search google/youtube for a variety of rehab stretches for tennis/golfer's elbow), but when nothing else is works supping can't hurt. Either way, it worked for me.
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                Rest and ice in the beginning. Once you can stretch without pain, practice some trigger point therapy or even look into acupuncture which can stimulate blood flow. Also, look into herbs like cissus extract... Elbow Revive is phenomenal for tennis elbow and joints in general. Most of all, steer clear of whatever activity caused the injury or pain and eat paleo/primal to limit inflammation... this is essential!
                "Always be yourself. Express yourself. Have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." -Bruce Lee


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                  Originally posted by neandertal View Post
                  try cissus, eating jelly works for me
                  Agreed. Cissus is key! Try "Elbow Revive." It's got cissus, plus a slew of other joint health nutrients. Works best for elbow tendonitis (tennis elbow/golfers elbow/lifters elbow). Also, has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Good luck, man.
                  "Always be yourself. Express yourself. Have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." -Bruce Lee