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So is that age in dog years?

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  • So is that age in dog years?

    So I referred a friend to the gym so I have some $$ to use as a thank you. Decided to do a fit point test. More for curiosity than oh my gosh where am i.

    My calendar tells me all of my progress. Weight and over all feeling good. Considering how much progress I have made since December 1, I am pretty happy.

    I Got some pointers on using my heart monitor more efficiently and also to add hills to treadmill when I use it. Going to have 2 more private sessions (since they are free) and my goal is to get some better pointers about leg (specifically my knees) strengthing. Since my falls before thanksgiving, my right knee is still feels weak.

    Of funniest thing of the test. Was they put in all your measurements into the computer and it spits out useful and none-useful info. My actual age is 44 (next monday). Age by their metrics is 51. I asked him if that was in dog years. I think the guy almost choked spitting out his water.

    Instead I went home and pulled out tape measure and started adding measurements for once a month check ins in my calendar. Since my 18's are getting big, that sounded like more fun.

    Tee Hee. Yes, you can buck CW, fight back, and still have some fun.

    Starting Weight 235 - Dec 1, 2010
    Started Primal Mid January 2011
    Current Weight 183
    Goal 160

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