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  • Want to start PB Fitness, Need Advice

    Hello -

    I am fairly new to Primal Blueprint (4 weeks). I have read all of the materials and the books. I have transitioned my diet and would like to start the fitness program. I am doing well with the 5 hours of low/mod cardio and would like to start the strength exercises and finally sprinting.

    I am very out of shape, obese, mid-40's female. My question is about the Overhead Press. Even at Level 1, this seems like it is too difficult for me at my current level of fitness. Is there a Level 0 move that might help prepare me for Level 1 of this move? I am concerned about injury.

    Thanks for any insight. I am very anxious to get started on the 'Lift Heavy Things' portion of the program!

    Stephanie A.

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    I would incorporate some kind of overhead press using dumbells, something like a military press. Decide on a weight that will let you do, say, 12-15 reps, with the last three or so reps being hard but not so hard that you lose your good form.

    YouTube - John Berardi - Dumbell Military Press


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      I agree on the dumbbells, just need to get one btw, so the expense is minimal
      you could do a 15 or 20 rep scheme to start with, but I find that I respond much better to a more classical 5x5 scheme (2 warmup stes with progressive poundage, 3 work sets with your max)

      the important part is that each time you increase the weight a little bit, and you will see that you will get stronger very fast!

      (on a side note, the guy in the video above is very strong, but these are not military presses, he is doing push presses -> whole other exercise... btw you can also do the press using one dumbbell and doing one arm at a time, so you don't have to invest in a second dumbbell)


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        BTW this guy has some great tips on the press and diet and exercise in general. YouTube - Military Press Tips
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          Thanks for the suggestions!


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            I would respectfully disagree with a lot what was said before. Firstly OH press is a non-essential exercise. Nice to have, but make sure you get the squat and dead lift first. For example I can squat about 120kg 5x5 (which is still rather weak...) and this is a workout. I can do about 40kg OHP but can't do 5x5, I fail on the last sets. Despite failure this is way way easier than squats without failure because the muscles are so small.
            For shoulders I'd suggest something like Kettlebell snatches and Turkish get-ups (eg check Pavels book Books | Thor Falk). You can start with a 4kg bell if you feel too weak, or use 8kg which is a typical size for women to start.

            All the best - weight training is the best thing to do when losing weight, trust me. Been there, done that.


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              I agree that squats and DL would be important to do, but for shoulder/arm development the OHP is still a good exercise, especially if done with dumbbells (TGUs are good too) KB snatches are brutal for the shoulders, especially when the form begins to lack, so I think OHP are still the way to go (Pavel has you do OHPs in almost all his pograms too)