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Why shoes make "normal" gait impossible

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  • Why shoes make "normal" gait impossible

    As a foot health professional I fabricate/modify shoes and orthotics to elevate foot problems. This barefoot trend has me intrigued and is making me think differently about what I do and create. I've been wearing orthotics for for 20yrs but since I've joined this site and read about the minimalist approach I started to wean away from the custom inserts. It's taken a couple of months for my feet and legs to adjust and still have a way to go. Working on strengthening and am shoeless when ever I can.

    1st I modified my ol' running shoes to remove heel elevation and reduce the toe spring. This took some time to adapt to. Calves and hamstring were sore from the added work and stretch but I liked the feel. Next I purchased VFF treks, Merrell trail glove, made a pair of running sandals to compare.

    You may find this interesting
    Why shoes make "normal" gait impossible

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    An excellent, well-written article. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


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      I was never allowed to go barefoot at any time growing up, then as a tenderfoot had no wish to do so. Last year, having read McDougal's book, I bought the Vibrams, but haven't got used to wearing them expect walking on the lawn. I hope to eventually develop more comfort. I have long, narrow foot, and have worn orthotics for a while after plantar fasc which I suppose I got from walking a fast four miles in an hour for almost thirty years. Now I take it slower.
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        Great article.