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  • Lactic Acid

    I am on my 4th day of low carb and I did some cycling sprints this morning. First I am amazed that my legs have anything as I did an hour endurance riding for each of the last 3 days... I felt great.

    I noticed that my legs did not "burn" like usual. Is that due to the lack of sugars? I would think the 20 second efforts are more ATP driven so I am not sure if this was a fluke or what.

    Any experiences with this?

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    Primal won't make you immune to muscle burn or soreness. I find that I recover faster though, even at 40. Could be that you were just having a good day on the bike.


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      I am 41! Well I will take the good day then!!!


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        Actually, lactic acid is one of the all time classic examples of conventional "wisdom." It doesn't cause burn nor soreness. A one hundred year mistake. Google it.
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          Lactic acid buildup in muscles does not make muscles tired and may even make muscle contract more efficiently, which may increase your endurance. This concept contradicts what most instructors teach in their exercise classes.


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            Lactic acid builds up because more sugar catabolism than Oxygen supply from blood is happening, but lactate (the form that actually accumulates) is carried to the liver by the blood long before muscle soreness occurs.

            High levels of Potassium is the current theory on muscle soreness.
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