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how are my numbers?

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  • how are my numbers?

    So I'm 17 and I don't really work out with people my age.And it would be cool if I knew about how strongi ranked. So I want the honest opinion from the PB community of my numbers.

    Bench Press- 185(1 rep max)
    Squat- 225(1 rep max)
    Deadlift-250 (1 rep max)
    Pull ups-5 x 200(BW-160 + 40lb dumbell)
    100 M Sprint-14 seconds

    So pb community it would be cool if you could rank me overal and or individual lifts/sprint + any other thoughs or comments you have for me

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    Assuming they are all good lifts these numbers are ok. If you are serious about lifting then a 2-2.5x bw dead (320 - 400 at your current weight) and a 1.5-2x bw squat (240 - 320 at your current weight) would be good to aim for. Alt the bench with an OH Press as well.

    It's difficult to provide comments as we don't know what you are training for.
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      Those numbers are okay, but I wouldn't be bragging about them or anything.

      This also depends on how long you've been lifting. You're young and if you've started recently then those numbers are very good.


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        do mostly basketball and a little track. So a lot of jumping,bounding,sprinting and different types of throws


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          @krassi lol I wouldn't dream of bragging about those numbers. I just would like to know peoples humble opinion. I've been lifting for about 9 months


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            Hehe I wasn't suggesting that you were bragging, I was trying to suggest that the numbers are okay but nothing to be overly impressed about.

            For your age I think they are pretty good, they should go up as long as you keep on lifting and trying to improve.


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              maxed today on squat. 260 lbs. 60 lb increase in 5 weeks. I <3 pylometrics.


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                Congrats on the max squat! You're around where I would expect a healthy teenage boy who'd been training for as long as you should be if he's doing things right. Nice work!

                Stay the course and you could be doing great things in a few years.
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                  the best thing about weight training for people your age is that you learn about who you are. of course, you do that with everything, but The Iron Never Lies by Henry Rollins is awesome. (it's a short essay)


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                    I love the suppot guys thanks