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Looking for opinions on inversion tables

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  • Looking for opinions on inversion tables

    Does anyone here have an opinion on inversion tables? One of my favorite stretches over the past few years is to simply hang from my chinup bar. It does a good job at decompressing the spine, but it seems to me that an inversion table would do an even better job... my concern, in part, is their safety.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    I use the Teeter Dex 2 that they have at my gym frequently and really love it. I have some spinal compression due to 3 separate accidents. I can not tolerate treatment like a chiropractor but after warming up well I hang upside down for awhile and then am able to self adjust and relieve all my pain. I routinely end a workout (after cooldown) with it.

    That being said, no way would I pay to have one in my home. I do elbow stand against a wall for gentle decompression (not as effective) but the inversion stuff takes a lot of room. I think if I really really wanted to have it at home I would do the chinup bar variety.
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      I have to agree with the chin up hang you can build grip strength at the same time.
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        I can't attest to the medical/scientific benefits or repercussions...but my Mum used to have one and my younger sister and I LOVED it. It feels awesome

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          have you thought of gravity boots? they take up zero space if you already have a chin up bar

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