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Packing out crap at stop n shop = Low intensity cardio?

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  • Packing out crap at stop n shop = Low intensity cardio?

    I work in the frozen section of stop and shop. My manager sucks and the store manager is always up our asses, so I kinda have to bust my ass everyday. I realized though that busting my ass and getting everything done feels better than slugging through it, dreading every box and looking at the time every ten minutes....

    The work itself involves semi-heavy lifting. On Tuesday/Thursday morning I have to breakdown the trucks that come in, which it usually 5-6 pallets of boxes stacked 6-7 feet high. Its ALOT of shit, and its pretty tiring (picture lifting light reps for 2 hours or so) fact i came to the conclusion just now that im probably going to have to eat something beforehand to keep my energy up and avoid muscle loss. I usually do a 16/8 fast but idt thats gonna work on tuesdays/thurdays, I also have school before and after work those days so they're pretty tiring....

    But anyway all other days I work im just putting shit to the shelves. So would that count as my low intensity cadio? It feels a little more "intense" than simply walking since im trying to move fast, so im thinking walking isn't totally nessecary for me right now.

    What do you guys think? On days off (mon/wed sometimes friday) I workout for real. Should I be walking those days too or should I take it easy and just workout?

    (p.s.) I never have a day off where I can do nothing if i choose. I either workout or go to work. If I DID have a free day i'd walk. So if i wasn't clear my question is even though my work is very active, should I still be walking on workout days?

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    I"d say so. If you have an active job, you're going to need to eat more than your average office worker. Don't overcomplicate things...


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      I think your job sounds like enough. I used to do the same job but at a department store, so I was unloading boxes of clothing/shoes/cosmetics twice a week (or 5 times a week near Christmas!) and I didn't do any extra exercise on my really active work days.
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