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Jump-free Cardio DVDs?

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  • Jump-free Cardio DVDs?

    I'm looking for a DVD that will guide me through a fairly tough, half-hour-or-so cardio workout. The catch is that I live on an upper floor in a cheap apartment building, and our downstairs neighbors have already been disturbed by us making too much noise in the past.

    So, is there a DVD I can get where the workout doesn't have any jumping? Even little hops are a problem. I need something where I'll always have one foot on the floor. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help!
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    There is a sample of each video to watch to see if it's for you.

    Most videos have a modified option, where the most advanced hop and others don't, so you can always do whatever video but just modify yourself not to do the hopping. Probably step workouts wouldn't work (but those suck anyway). hee hee.

    Do you like to dance? Belly dance is a great workout. Line dancing, although fun, would probably drive your neighbor bonkers.

    I've recently gotten into hooping. This would definitely work for you. So much fun, you forget you're working out.
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      I agree with TigerLily about hooping. Lots of fun. Unfortunately, it isn't "intense" like you are looking for. You could always get a workout that involves jumping but not actually jump. You can lift up on your toes and get just to the point of lifting off the floor but don't. I have A LOT of exercise DVDs. I have quite a few of intense ones as well. There is Insanity (which I think is ridiculously hard for no reason), TurboFire (A LOT of fun) and HiiT by Cathe Friedrich. Insanity and TurboFire are only available as a set through Beachbody so are a bit overpriced and a lot of repetition in the sets. Cathe also has a Bootcamp DVD that is TOUGH and actually fun.



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        Yeah, even though you can get weighted hoops now for extra workout oomph that will leave bruises in the beginning, I wouldn't say it is an INTENSE workout. You're right, Carrie.

        I am partial to Gin Miller and Tamilee Webb, but personality is a very individual thing. The clips at that Collage site can give you an idea if you can tolerate the person or want to smack them upside the head (like how I want to do to Denise Austin).

        Also, EllieG, is cardio + toning OK, or just straight up cardio work?
        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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          Thanks for all the advice, guys! Looking forward to checking some of these out.

          TigerLily, as long as cardio's the main thing, a bit of toning is okay. But cardio is definitely the goal. I do love to dance. Belly dancing sounds intriguing!
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