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    When I first started primal, I happily started doing PBF strength movements. Moving slowly, I easily do. No car, and my job requires standing the entire time. I did a simply yoga routine while watching tv at night and did strength 2x a week.

    I definitely started to see a difference at first.. and it was crazy - it took me about 15 minutes to do the strength, so I was thrilled! But then it started making me REALLY sore, and I'm talking on like.. the 3rd week. So I took a week off, started the next week, again - incredibly sore. I've been afraid to go back and do it.
    PB did a lot with zero exercise, but now I'm starting to notice that I'm "gaining it back", or I guess, just losing muscle definition.

    Obviously I'm horribly out of shape, but the movements are so simple that I can't see why they would be wearing me out even more...

    Have any females here went from out-of-shape to fit? Any advice?

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    43 views and noo advice?


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      Soreness comes with the territory, I'm afraid! As you progress, you will activate different muscles, differently. Some of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can be helped by staying well-hydrated, massage & heat (hot tub!), but a lot is just "there". Make sure to give yourself 3-4 days between workouts for your muscles to repair & grow.

      Even I, a former personal trainer, gets sore after most of my workouts. I think of it as "good" pain.

      You will get used to it!
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        You didn't give your age. Speaking from a 43 year perspective, I had to come to grips
        with the fact that I'm not in HS football camp anymore. It was amazing to think how
        we did heavy squats, deadlifts, leg presses, and push those prowlers around the field
        5 days a week. Today, after a heavy session of DL's or Squats, I'm sore for 3-4 days
        afterward. I only heavy train twice a week now. I do mix in some sprints and a lot of
        walking on my recoup days, but those workout every day until you drop days are over,
        and quite frankly pointless.


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          Yes, I've been working out 2-3 times a week for a year and half, and I get the most sore at the beginning of a new lifting routine (or even just adding a few different movements). Did you start at Level 1, did you do one or two sets? Anyhow, scale back in some way (only one set, or reduced reps), do the same routine again when you aren't sore anymore (preferably 2-4 days later, and not a week later!), and it definitely gets better. Now I am usually able to do just enough so I can feel it the next few days, and not so much that I wince every time I move .

          In an attempt to prevent soreness, I do light stretching, roll on a foam roller, and use l-glutamine powder after my work outs (not sure if the l-glutamine works though).


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            Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of those views are probably people just like me - who don't feel equipped to offer fitness advice so early in the journey. Looks like you've gotten some responses, now, though. Luck to you. They tell me it's worth it . . . but my skinny little son and I did squats and Australian pull ups today. I'm feeling achy all over and he's running through the house giggling.


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              Originally posted by Keithallenlaw View Post
              You didn't give your age.
              Unfortunately I am not even close to 43 - I'm infact, a spry 17 year old! Except I'm built more like a 40-year old, with adrenal fatigue, thryoid issues, back issues, etc, etc!

              Thanks to all the other response! I started today, I just took it down a notch and I'm going to repeat my very light routine tomorrow.. (it was ridiculously easy today) - and then hopefully build up.
              No pain no gain, eh?

              Love foam rollers shrona - do you happen to know where I can get an inexpensive one?? (I recall my old gym selling it for $40...)


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                We have some discount sporting goods stores around here, so maybe do a google or yelp search for "discount sporting goods"? I have lived in three places and they all different sporting goods stores, it seems pretty regional! Definitely don't buy it at the gym, it will be quite a bit more expensive! Sometimes will have stuff like that also . . .