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Pull Up/Chin Up Substitute?

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  • Pull Up/Chin Up Substitute?

    In a hotel this week with now pull up bar available. Is there a substitute that will have the same effect? I want to do all the Primal movements tomorrow.

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    hm... well you could try for finger tip pull ups on the door frame in your room? Otherwise interval air squats as fast as you can, push ups, sit ups, planks, hand stands (or hand stand progression with feet on bed) and you can still get a great workout
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      do you have a desk in your hotel room? If so, move it out from the wall a bit and lay under it. Pull your chest up towards the bottom of the desk. Not exactly a pullup but you're still working your back.
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        You can use a closet or bathroom door to do the pullups. By this I mean the door itself, and not just the frame. Put towels on the top to help with the grip (very important!), and put a towel underneath the door to keep it from moving around. Somebody posted a youtube vid of this a bit back.


        here is an example, though it's much worse than the video I saw. Also they are some pretty half assed pullups he's doing, but it gives you the idea.


        this is the original video that I saw that's a bit better.
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          Find a gym that's close to your hotel and drop by. Most have a drop in rate of $ least that's what it was 10 years ago when I last visited a gym. I like to do a little recon on the surrounding areas when booking a hotel. Look for restaurants, trails, gyms, etc (if hotel doesn't have one).
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            All good above. You could also try a High Pull or Sumo Deadlift High Pull. Not strictly an alternative but a good 'pulling' movement nonetheless. Plus you could probably get by with using your suitcase. I do mine with a waterproof stuff sack filled with sand.
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