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Is this a bad way of working out?

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  • Is this a bad way of working out?

    I may have worded it a tad wrong...

    Basicaly this evening I did a body weight workout (im 16) and I started off with 3x5 Pull-Ups.
    Then moved onto slightly Close Grip Pushups with my feet raised at 2x15-20 reps.
    Then did 1x10 (I think 10) Diamind Pushups.
    Then 1x12rep Pike Press.

    Point is, I did more sets for one body part and progressively got lower with other body parts, is that a big deal?
    That being said Im pretty balanced - although my shoulders could probaly use a tiny bit more development.

    I also did after some shoulder stability exercises, Internal and external rotations on the floor for 1 set. Is that good or was there more to be added?
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    It's not a big deal.

    Push ups, and diamond push ups are almost essentially the same thing (diamond push ups hit the triceps more directly) but both work the entire arm, shoulders, pecs, back and to a lesser degree your core as well. The Pike press targets your shoulders, but also hits the arm, back, chest slightly, etc.

    As your muscles fatigue it makes sense to decrease reps in exercises that are related. It would only be a big deal if your push up numbers were somehow affecting your squat numbers, get what I mean? That scenario is impossible unless you were super-setting and simply running out of air, not fatiguing.

    Can you explain what internal and external rotations are for shoulders? Is that when you get in a push up position and send one arm straight out and you turn your body then land that arm on the other side so that when you finish the rep you're facing the ceiling? I think that's what you're talking about. I think that's just fine.
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      Seems fine to me. At 16, I wouldn't be in a hurry to push big weights so a bodyweight routine is ideal. After a while you will get to know whether you've done a good workout by how you feel afterwards i.e. if you could have done another set or two. I would throw some squats in there and perhaps some kind of ab/core exercises as well. Al Kavadlo has many good bodyweight routines on his website.


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        By external rotations etc im talking about this
        So as to prevent injury.


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          How about some pistols or Hindu squats to round things out?


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            Im definitley going to be including leg exercises, just not at the moment as Im learning the Gokhale method of walking and bending, the walking kicks your arses arse and the bending is its own workout for the hamstrings.

            None the less. Hows this sound for upper body.
            Workouts/exercises will be switched around so I dont get bored.

            Pull-ups - (staple) 3-5 sets of max or near max reps.
            Pushups - 3-5 sets max, near max reps.
            Pike presses - 2-3 sets near max reps.

            Pull-ups ^^^
            Burpees - till I die.

            Core: Planks