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Is exercise the key to health?

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    Exercise is really good for you. Because exercise is good to increase more energy, immune power and more. Exercise is good to reducing your weight and stress also. So are you staying fit in your life so doing all of these things are good for you.


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      IMHO, Exercise is an extremely important component for being healthy. I have observed this in my parents and their friends (most in their 70s and beyond). Those of the group who exercised, particularly my mother, have stayed mobile and healthy. I think mobility is a huge issue with aging--ya gotta move it or lose it!
      For myself, as someone who has exercised more or less regularly since the 1980s (I will be 50 this year), I also see it in those of my peer group; those of us who exercise are healthier, look younger and seem more vibrant. HOwever, when I meet people of my age who have never exercised they seem much older than me and some are plagued with health problems.
      I just can't imagine not exercising in some form or fashion.


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        I only read the first and last page, so apologies if this is already said.

        Health and fitness are not synonymous. Exercise is certainly a key to fitness, but it doesn't follow that fitness bestows health.

        Elite level athletes at the peak of fitness can, and do, drop dead from poor health.

        I think one of the things that attracted me to primal/paleo lifestyle is the balance of fitness and health aspects.
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          Yes you are absolutely right health is wealth. I have many examples for this. You can check our site. I have published many articles on fit celebrities. You can check out all these on BMS Religion.


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            the key to health is, balance.. The key to life & peace is balance, imo

            Balance can only be defined by the individual.. your mind, your genetic, your spiritual journey, your relationships.. all are intertwined

            For me, I need a balance of sleep, variety of nutritious health, variety of workout, variety of love from different types of relationships.. I know the things that I love & enjoy & make me feel good, its up to me to spread those things out & manage my time to include doses of each to create fullfillment.. It all works together & can only be pinpointed by you.. Overdose of one thing, & not enough of the others can tip the scale & that may be when we experience anxiety.. Ultimate Health is a juggling act, gotta find balance & execute
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