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Substitute for Divebombers?

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  • Substitute for Divebombers?

    I am about to finish P90x and begin PB Fitness. In a couple of weeks I will take the self-assessment test and dig in. One problem...because of a previous shoulder separation, I cannot do divebombers without re-injuring that shoulder. In P90x, I can do multiple reps of standard pushups, military, pike, decline, diamond, etc. but for some reason that divebomber motion just messes with that old injury. What do you suggest I do to modify, especially when it comes to the divbomber portion of the self-assessment? Thanks.

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    I'm bumping my own post, hoping someone has some suggestions. Thanks.


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      It's the over head press part that is important. Do the jackknife version (level 2) since it sounds like it is ok or do the level 4 if you think you are close to that level. Take your best guess. If you start on level 2 and need to skip level 3 then just do level 2 for an extra 5 reps or so before moving on.

      I also find the divebombers much harder on the shoulder as you have to change angle while at the heavy load portion of the exercise. I am looking at skipping them.
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        I have a third degree separated shoulder and they bother my shoulder as well, I substituted with the jackknife on an exercise ball.
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          You don't need to do them for the self-assessment - that is all at level 4. If you start at level 1 or 2 then just skip level 3. I did and can now do level 4 without a break
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            I, too, found the divebombers to be rough on my shoulders. In fact, I ended up with some rotator cuff pain that required me to lay off the shoulders for over a month. I can't be sure the divebombers were at fault -- I was also increasing weight on my military press during that time -- but I suspect I would have been okay with just the presses, because my form is good and I've never had shoulder issues with military presses in the past. The divebombers were a new addition to my program.

            Anyway, I concur about skipping them in favor of elevated jackknives. If you have access to a bar, you could also do military presses. Overhead dumbbell presses would work, too, but you'd have to work up to fairly heavy dumbbells.

            I guess it depends where you want to go with it. If your goal is handstand pushups, I'd focus on bodyweight progression. If your goal is developed shoulders, military presses will do the job.
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              Those are helpful suggestions. Thanks, everyone.