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Having trouble increasing work outs...

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  • Having trouble increasing work outs...

    Here's my story:

    I'm 52. mom of 5. started my last big 'fitness' journey 8.5 yrs ago and paired up with a power lifter, with my goal to be benching my body weight (135 at the time; managed a ME lift of 115).

    I've had some naggling injuries, one being a torn something in my shoulder which hinders much shoulder work and then battling osteoarthritis in my hip.

    Also started following Bee Wilder's Candida program in which she says the most vigorous exercise we should be doing is swimming, mini-tramp jumping or walking in order to allow our body to spend it's energy and nutrients on healing as opposed to trying to build muscle after a vigorous work out. I don't believe I've got that "serious" of a case of candidiasis, which is why I do SOME type of workout...

    So over a year ago, i quit my usual work out routine. I actually used Body by Science for about 6 wks till my shldr injury kept me from doing one of the 5 main moves and I couldn't find any support.

    I went to a routine that involved 3 exercises four days a week (15 min/day). Then my girls started going to the gym with me and, since one of them is 10, we are now doing body weight exercises. ETA: I work out fasted.

    We've been doing this latest routine for about 6 wks and I just can't seem to improve my numbers. I understand the push-ups (shoulder, diastisis recti), but the body weight squats and pull-ups... c'mon! We're to do 25 BW Prisoner Squats; we're to do 10 pull-ups (we use assistance) with mixed grip (switching grip halfway). We do the whole routine*, rest for a moment then do it again. I'm just so frustrated that my squats won't improve (with only BW) nor my stinking pull-ups. [*'whole routine' - step-ups, 12 per leg; wide grip push-ups, 20 (i've worked up to 10 on the incline; shldr & diastisis recti!); prisoner squats 25; V-ups (which i can't do cuz of my diastisis recti); shoulder-press push-ups (i use a weighted upright row) 10 reps; 30-sec wall squat (now i've worked my way up to 1 min 10 sec!); mixed grip pull-ups (assisted) 10 reps; supermans (flies); 6 10-sec reps]

    I've been eating rather primal (no grains, sugar, fruit, starch, dairy) for over a year. Dabbling in IF and had two successful 24-hr fast this week. My goal is to get healthy first, but to lose fat (15#) and stay strong second. ETA: I used to eat 125-150g protein/day and now have usually less than 100g/day, of course, even less on successful fasting days... I also consume VLC (20 or less g of Carbs/day). My fat intake is high, with a prescribed intake of 5.5 Tbsp coconut oil/day.

    Am I expecting too much? It's really sad to have gone from a buff lean grrrrrl to a soft blob and BW squats kill me!

    Thanks for the input...
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    What works for me is to focus on building muscle a' la BBS.

    So I S L O W everything waaaaay down and now I'm only doing one set of everything to "failure" once a week. (I do split sets now, so two 15-20 min workouts.)

    See my journal for details....
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      Routines will halt progress. I had a similar response to most of my workouts. You HAVE to VARY everything, that includes; weight, reps, intensity,and movements. Do not do one thing to increase your bench. I swear staying away from the thing that you are stuck on will help progress. I was stuck at about 5 pull-ups for a while, then i started kipping (among other workouts) and thats where crossfit was introduced and i kept varying, later i found that i was destroying my old pull-up record. PB fitness is great, but i would scale it up if you want serious results. And, of course, crossfit if your a serious athlete who isn't afraid of very demanding workouts. My girlfriend joined me when i started doing crossfit, we both haven't plateaued and continue to improve. Good luck hope this helps.