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  • PB Fitness Anxiety?

    Hi guys

    I am fairly new to primal/paleo eating but doing well, though right now I am working through a stall in my weight/bodyfat loss. I am 49 years old, active, fit. Right now I am 6'2 and about 219, and my goals are general health/fitness, bodyfat loss, staying active. For now I am keeping my carbs low, under 50 g. a day. Right now I am doing P90x with only two weeks left. After that, I plan to switch over to PB Fitness. I am happy with the changes to my body that P90x has given me, but I suspect that I am overtraining, and that the fatigue I'm feeling has more to do with workouts than with my new diet.

    I think the anxiety I''m referring to is that I worry that PB fitness isn't "enough." With P90x (and with the brazillian jiu jitsu I have practiced for five years), I am used to the idea that I should really "beat myself up" in the gym, no pain no gain, all of that. I read PB Fitness and it's not about that. I know, in my head, that that's a good thing, but I just worry that I'm going to lose all my hard-earned gains, that losing a "kick-ass" workout every day of the week is somehow going to be detrimental. Again, intellectually, I know that's not true, but I have trouble shaking the feeling. Advice? Thanks.

    PS. Just to clarify, I am NOT doing P90x and BJJ at the same time. I have taken a break from BJJ, for now, perhaps for good.

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    Couple of things,

    - PBF isn’t exactly easy, you will still be challenged.
    - you can do a different program, PBF is only one out of many options. Perhaps a program like Starting Strength or Strong Lifts would better suit you.
    - Your body needs rest, but at the same time, if you’re conditioned you can workout more frequently, just being mindful not to literally kill yourself daily.

    I do some type of physical activity that can be considered a workout almost everyday. I feel funny otherwise, not because I think it’s going to derail my progress, make me fat, unconditioned, or anything like that, but because it’s my favorite hobby and going without is like going without food. I listen to my body though, sometimes I’ll want to start doing something then realize I’m sore from the previous day, so I’ll stop. Case in point: I did heavy pull ups two days ago, and yesterday wanted to do more pull ups but had to stop shortly after because my elbow joints were aching a bit, so now I’m going to take at least another day off before going back to pull ups.

    I can sense that you’re not exactly in love with the idea of doing something physical everyday, so I would take this as a welcomed challenge to find something else to do on rest days.

    Our society makes the mistake of equating high work output with good health and peak physical conditioning. This isn’t always the case. The argument can be made that some high level athletes are actually unhealthy in the long run. Why do you suppose it is that many athletes have to stop being competitive after 40 years old? Aside from nature’s normal downward trajectory, it’s got a lot to do with all the “abuse” they put their bodies thru in pursuit of their athletic goals. Soccer players for instance rarely age past 40, and in their mid 30s are usually considering retirement because of all the high intensity work they did for years day in and day out.

    If you exercise in moderation, you can continue to do so for a long time at a high level, but giving your body time to rest as well.
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      Originally posted by Darbbb View Post
      I worry that PB fitness isn't "enough."
      PBF can be as hard as you want it to be. figure out which levels you need to be on, and you'll be in a place where you need to work hard to move up to the next level. you can also add to it. i do an extra cycle of PBF with explosive movements, and i can barely lift myself off the floor by the time i'm done.