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Breaking the chronic cardio habit

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  • Breaking the chronic cardio habit

    A few years ago I moved to a new city. I moved for love However, I ended up giving up my favorite physical activities - mtn biking and rock climbing; as there is just no outlet for these things.

    Eventually, I decided to join my beloved better half on his nightly runs. It has since developed into an activity I enjoy very much with him.

    I would really like to start incorporating some primal exercises into our routine but he's insistent that running, cardio specifically, is the best way to reduce and maintain body fat.

    Currently, I try to get in my primal exercise before our run, but sometimes they leave me a little pooped and less able to make the run the same fulfilling event it usually is.

    He has to come to it on his own and I refuse to nag or push.

    Has anyone convinced their spouse to join in primal exercises? How did you do it w/o being overbearing?

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    You don't. Speaking as someone who has been there, you do what you want to do and let the results be the proof he needs.


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      One of the big things that I've noticed that a lot of runners skip is lifting weights. Not doing so leads to various injuries - various knee pains and such. I don't have anything offhand, but I imagine finding some articles that talk about such online wouldn't be difficult to do.

      Doing the other exercises would make you both better runners - faster and less prone to injuries.


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        It's going to be as hard to get him to change his beliefs about fitness as it would be for him to try to change yours. When I was running 60 miles a week I was living completely opposite to the PB philosophy and thought I was living an extremely healthy lifestyle. I laughed at people who told me I was crazy to run so much even though I was peeing blood and would have constant running injuries. I have been in love with distance running for three years now but running injuries continue to plague me. I was gearing up for my first 50k this summer when a chronic illiotibial band injury relapsed during a tune up 25k in May. I can't run, again, for at least 3 months. For me running is a love-hate relationship. All I want to do is run trails for ever and ever but I keep physically hurting myself because of it. Since incorporating PB philosophy into my life I'm slowing accepting that even though I love to do it, running has been harming my body. From starting to lift weights I realized how weak my hip and lower back muscles were because of running and not strength training to accompany it.

        If you want to change his perspective on fitness and wellness, try to shift his central belief system slowly. Move from road to trails. Running technical trail (mountain) will engage a lot more muscles than pounding pavement over and over (My IT band problems started a year ago after a road marathon). Run really slow, run fartleks or do burpees, grasshopper pushups, pull-ups (tree branch), etc every mile or half mile to break up the "chronic cardio" routine. If you run by a playground hop on and mess around for a while. You can do a lot of good pull up variations on a playground or swing set.

        Hell, if I wasn't injured I would go out and run for 3+ hours right now. Unfortunately my own experiences are suggesting running is something I shouldn't let be a part of my life any more. Hopefully it doesn't come down to your significant other getting injured for him to come to the same conclusion.