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burning pain in bicep

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  • burning pain in bicep

    Ok I have a weird issue. I was in bed and rubbed my arm and the skin pulled not in any kind of extreme fashion or anything and I got an extremely hot burning pain. The pull on the skin was not extreme but ever since then some times when i move my arm or the skin is pulled again I get the same hot burning pain. The muscle feels ok I don't think I have any weakness or anything but am not sure what might be the cause. I asked "the google" but didn't come up with too much. The pain is on the inside directly in the middle of my bicep so I don't think its a tendon. The only thing I can think of is maybe I irritated th fascia tissue or something? Hopefully I am explaining this enough it's kind of odd and hard to describe. Just curious if anyone out there has any thoughts on what I might have done. I am trying to be careful to not trigger it anymore and potential cause more harm. Any thoughts or ideas welcome.

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    Same Issue, No Solution

    I've been experiencing the same pain for a few days now - i thought i was going crazy until i finally stumbled across your post describing the exact same pain. Have you found any explanation for the pain, or been able to get it to subside? Mine hurts when i "stretch" the skin and is then sensitive to the touch for a while after that - but it doesn't hurt everytime i 'stretch' the skin on the inside of my bicep.


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      Is it bruised? If so, it's just the skin.


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        Mine is not bruised or red or anything out of the ordinary. The pain is similar to what you expect with a rash or a burn, but there are no marks on the skin.