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  • Your IF results....

    Hey guys...just wondering about your experiences with IF.

    I'd like to start trying it, but I'm worried about it for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being that I'm a teacher.

    That means a) I have kids in front of me all day. If I'm cranky because I'm hungry, it turns me into a pretty bad teacher and leads to some not so great days. b) Because I'm a teacher, I have no time to myself over the course of day: I have kids solidly until lunch, so if I need emergency food, it's really not accessible.

    Is crankiness from not eating just a result of CW eating? Or will I experience any of that with IF too?

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    it may take a little time, but once you try IF you will find that you have lots of energy--positive energy--and no hunger.

    your concerns make sense, and you may want to give IF a couple of trial runs. skip breakfast and eat a late lunch on a weekend. notice how you feel. maybe try a longer fast next, or try daily fasting on a school vacation (are you in the U.S....most school districts have a vacation coming up this month, then one in april, if i'm not mistaken). you don't need to jump into fasting. it's a good idea to make sure you've got primal nutrition all set, then ease into it by just skipping meals at first. learn to obey your hunger instead of the clock and fasting will probably come naturally.


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      I have been IFing daily for over a year now. I find that if I am eating right I don't experience hunger issues. In fact sometimes I will skip lunch because I am too busy or my schedule just doesn't work out with no ill effects. I find it very easy to do and no longer look forward to breakfast. Back when I was running 50 miles per week and eating the SAD I could in no way skip breakfast or I would be starving. Now I eat PB and do only bodyweight exercises and am still losing weight without the stress or issues of having to eat all day.

      I find it to be easy but I eased into it somewhat by missing breakfast every once in awhile. I think it is mostly psychological as I am finding most of my crutches to be.
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        this one seems to come a lot from newbies. The overall advice seems to be not to do IF for at least 3 weeks after you are fully primal. There are all sorts of reasons I would avoid it too soon, not least that you aren't adapted yet to this WOE your blood sugar may well swing about for a bit? There are also people who have disordered eating patterns and IF can cause problems for them, others seem to be basically wanting FAST weight loss above all else and thats surely not good either?

        After that, you will know if your ability to go for longer periods without food has returned - somehow peoples appetites just begin to self regulate and you don't "try" not to eat til lunch, you just don't get hungry. For me now its becoming fairly commonplace to not get hungry til about 1pm after last meal at 6.30pm the previous night - but some days I do for sure still need breakfast (especially if I am ot working out, which means I can't eat first)!

        If you feel you just have to "try it out" - some nuts in your pocket may sound daft but a few almonds could make a woozy moment go away??

        I would say don't do it too soon, this is a "for life" thing not a "sprint race to some preceived perfection". Sure there will be people who disagree.

        Good luck!!


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          I definitely understand your concerns on getting "cranky" from being hungry. Before I was IFing on a regular basis, my hunger personality was something hated by my wife (to the point that she made me eat before we left our place to go to the hospital as she was in labor!). I generally IF almost every week day. On the weekends, I like to enjoy breakfast. Most week days, I find it beneficial for multiple reasons (it's helping me push through those last 10-15 lbs, time savings, how I feel in the morning, etc.).

          It took a little while to get used to. YOu might want to try it out on a Saturday/Sunday and see how you do with it. I've been trying to get my wife to IF, but she has this fear that she'll get shaky from not eating. I try to explain it, but just haven't gotten her there yet. Also, working out in fasted state is way better than I could have ever imagined. I was completely against it for a long time....being more of the school of thought that you had to have something in your system etc. but I've had great results with it. I continue the fast on sprinting days, and on lifting days I have only a scoop of egg protein.

          Best of luck, let us know how it goes


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            Yeah....trying it on a weekend makes a lot of sense. I've been doing this for about 3/4 weeks now, so I may want to wait a few more weeks before I try it. I used to have a pretty serious "hungry monster" that came out if I hadn't eaten. That, at least, doesn't happen anymore, so that's a positive sign.


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              What is the first time you are able to eat after 11am? Is it 12 or 1pm? 2 pm?

              After a few weeks of just eating primal and getting adjusted to that I started fasting. I was in college at the time and had breaks between classes that allowed me to eat between 11 and 1pm so it worked great in getting me used to that schedule.

              Once I graduated and joined the desk jockey army I started eating religiously at 1pm (and continued to skip breakfast) and have been doing so for about 9 months now. Very much used to it, I only experience mild hunger when I eat bad carbs (read: chips) the night prior (bad habit, still working on it!) I’m assuming because all those shit carbs mess with my hunger signals, and also do nothing at all towards nourishing my body so it’s like I didn’t eat at all and I’m hungrier than if I hadn’t eaten the chips.

              I think you should try it on the weekend, just skip breakfast and eat around noon or 1pm, see how that goes, then try it in the classroom. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but it’s easier to get in a rhythm or form a habit if you do it daily (or Monday through Friday like I do, I eat breakfast on the weekends always) so give it a shot and see what happens.

              Inversely, you could opt to skip dinner and have a nice big breakfast and lunch, however, most people find this approach more difficult for a myriad of reasons, from social to biological. I don’t often have friends asking to get together for breakfast (since we all work) but it’s not uncommon to grab dinner with friends so fasting at night would be harder for me.
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                Your description of a cranky "hungry monster" described me to a T on CW WOE! Then going primal... not so much - only when I'm not getting enough fat or carbs (I need more that 50g/day to be happy and health) then does the hungry monster come out... I'm IFing this am (my 3rd IF - in 4mths of being primal) Waiting until you've figured out your hunger signals, complete your transition to this new WOE and get comfortable in it... then try IFing... I agree try one on a weekend... and see how it goes... once you get a good grasp of everything - maybe focus on this on the weekends - and spread your eating out during the day... maybe eat a big breakfast of 3-4eggs w/a BAS and bacon and avocado...then wait to eat later in the day skipping lunch if your not hungry...
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                  I eat breakfast at about 6:15 AM, then get lunch at 12:10, so if I skip breakfast I'm looking at about an 18 hour fast (if I eat dinner at 6 PM)


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                    Originally posted by bobbitt81 View Post
                    I eat breakfast at about 6:15 AM, then get lunch at 12:10, so if I skip breakfast I'm looking at about an 18 hour fast (if I eat dinner at 6 PM)
                    can you eat dinner a little later? eat dinner around 8:00 and make lunch your first meal of the day, and a little something after work. that's 8 hours of eating...pretty good window


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                      Hey OP -

                      I started IF last week (only 18 days in), and find it to be a bit tricky, but the results are coming in. I'm taking the approach - Eat all meals within an 6-8 hour block of time. It's pretty easy to do, as I drink a TON of water in the AM.

                      I tend to stay up late and rise late, so my feeding is between 2p and 10p. Sometimes 1p-7p, or noon to 6. Regardless, I try to keep the hours tight.

                      My crankieness comes from a VLC day. Not eating until 2p is easy when you have a delicious meal waiting for you!


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                        One of the things that IF does it to teach one the difference between real physical and mental imagined hunger. You can feed your body one a day or once every couple days and you'll live and be just fine over the long run. Your body doesn't need for you to be snacking all day long, but it will feel like you do if that's what you have been doing. I do daily IF, but I am more than capable of not eating for a couple days and nobody around me would be any the wiser. I know that my body will be just fine, that I will get the nutrition that I need to stay healthy and there is no reason for me to be grumpy. I decide when I want to eat every day and I have no fear of my emotions taking over and making me change my attitude. It took time for me to be this way though, but it's the way I've chosen to live and it serves me well.
                        The reason that I think that daily IF and eating at about the same time most days works best is that our bodies produce the hormone grehlin at times of the day that it's normally fed. Once a daily IF routine is established then i becomes what one's body is expecting.


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                          I've been trying the lean gains approach for about 2 weeks so far, have lost a couple lbs in about 12 days but more noticeably have lost inches. I'm loving it so far and agree with those that have said it helps with managing hunger mentally.


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                            And for a follow-up: do you guys have any reliable markers for telling the difference between real hunger and the psychological dependance on food?


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                              Originally posted by bobbitt81 View Post
                              And for a follow-up: do you guys have any reliable markers for telling the difference between real hunger and the psychological dependance on food?
                              if you wait a while, does it go away (craving - most of the time) or get worse (probably hunger)?? Is it making you weak and woozy or just dominating your head? Is it REASONABLE? (My wanting chocolate after a massive meal isn't a hunger signal! But if I have worked out hard and feel I could eat more meat/fish/eggs - its possibly real hunger)