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Light Cardio for gross days.

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  • Light Cardio for gross days.

    So I'm sitting in my house, bored as can be. It's snowed several inches outside, and I don't want to risk the hazards of ice covered sidewalks.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for ways I can get in some light cardio while staying indoors? It's been a pretty big challenge for me this winter.

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    Put on some music and dance!
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      That's about the equivalent of what I've been doing: shadowboxing, using my feet to juggle a small ball, etc. Just something to get moving!


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        Clean the house!


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          When I am stuck indoors I do burpees. But that can be pretty intense sometimes depending on how you do them. If you have an elliptical trainer or treadmill you could go low and slow on those.
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            shovel the snow?
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              lol screw the sidewalks, go snow running. Its like running through sand but colder ^^ A
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