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Lift Heavy Things as my Finnish friend does

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  • Lift Heavy Things as my Finnish friend does

    because we got another nice heartwarming family letter from our finnish friend Jouko Ahola, we get all sentimental about his strong man times.

    You might remember him from such hits as

    Jouko Pulls an Airplane


    Jouko Invincible and Kingdom of Heaven

    Or, you might not be as into strong man competitions as I am. I have been watching them since about 1990 or so, whenever i can, and when we saw Jouko in Kingdom of Heaven, we just contacted him. When we later visited Finland, he was just the nicest fellow one could meet, and since then we have connected (well, mostly he and Ryan -- lol) a couple of times to work out, hang out, and eat large meals.

    now, we mostly exchange letters and try to connect if we happen to be in the same hemisphere.

    Anyway, all around good guy, and definitely LHT (oh, and not primal/paleo -- he teases us for eating what finns call "earth food" or what we would call "organic food." )

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    Aww, now I want an airplane to pull around!


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      i do miss my sled. ours was home made from an old wheelbarrow. then, we just put random stuff in it, or even more fun, kids from the neighborhood. my husband would weigh they first. LOL then we would mark the weight on the sled with a sharpie (bright colored) with the date. he was orange and i was blue. gave it to a kid DH trained.


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        "Average" 55 years old Finnish man lifts a log weighing some 150-200 kg.


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          Pardon my language, but holy fuck-balls that's one broad, thick, powerful man-unit! Are we sure he's human?? Regardless, I for one hail our new Finnish overlords!

          My only family claim to fame is that my great-uncle Buzz used to wrestle with Andre the Giant in... it was either college or high school. I think college? Said he was a modest and quiet guy but confided sadly that "men aren't meant to be so big." He was quite sad when he died.
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