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    Hi, I am just starting to get into the fitness thing (you don't want to know where i was before....suffice it to say that since my accident and back operation I had rarely walked more than half a mile....and that would make me have to lie down after!)


    I am now walking about a mile twice a day with the puppy. This used to take me over an hour but i am down to about 40-45 minutes now...and less if i don't stop to chat.

    I have started wall push ups, (I am standing upright and just going in and out) and squats hanging onto the pole that holds up the veranda (i can now do 20....1st step is 50). I cannot try pull ups as i have nowhere to do it.
    Yesterday i tried the Plank thing and i could only hold it for 5 seconds and couldn't get into holding the position for the sides at all.

    So the questions....has anyone else been as bad as this? Is there any hope?
    And second....should I try the plank every day until I can manage to hold the side positions...even if just for a few seconds, or should i stick to twice a week as i do at the moment.
    Most advice here is not aimed at the chronically hopeless, and I am sure Mark has never been this unfit!
    However on the plus side when I DO get fit i shall be a great inspiration for others!

    PS The docter has given me a go ahead on my back to do anything except Yoga shoulder stands! (I should be so lucky!!!!!!!!) She says it is healed but the muscles are weak. Personally i am not sure if the muscles are still there.
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    Great for you for taking this on! I'm a newbie too, and I have a few of my own questions...but from my perspective as a newbie, I would say there's definitely hope! I can now hold the front & side planks (the beginner version!) for 60 seconds. When I first started it was probably only 15 seconds tops. I'm hoping after a few more weeks I can easily do 90 seconds and then move on to the harder version.

    I don't know if doing more planks is the right approach? Maybe one of our PBF experts can chime in.


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      Welcome and good luck with primal! I'm sure Mark has seen plenty of people in bad shape. Read the Success Stories forum posts.
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        If you can't do the side position, just get on your side and try to get into position. Even if you never lift off the ground the muscles are still being worked and they'll get stronger until eventually you'll be able to get up. The tricky part is that the intensity will be determined by your mental state, so stay motivated and give it a good push.


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          Don't worry about starting from scratch on fitness! It is better to do a little, whatever you can, and inch up as your body gets healthier. At certain points you will probably *leap* forward (and then hit another plateau...).

          Are you doing the exercises in sets? Or is it each one just once to the limit of repetitions? You might try doing fewer, e.g. 20 squats, but try to do 20x3, and either cycle through the different exercises to break it up, or just take a short break between sets and finish off each movement before going to the next.

          Re: the planks, it depends how you feel afterwards. Do you feel it in your core muscles after giving it a good try? If not, there's probably nothing wrong with giving it a shot every day.

          Re: pull-ups, I got a very sturdy and portable bar (under $20, fits almost any doorway, no installation) at WalMart. I still can't do even the vaguest semblance of a pull-up, but it hangs in the doorway and taunts me to try every so often. Someday!

          Good luck, and keep it up!
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            Lots and Lots of walking to get a better aerobic base going. The more you can walk and build up some good cardiovascular stamina, the other stuff will be MUCH easier to do. focus on lots of walking and the eating should be paramount. It will happen before you know it! Good luck to you, and congratulations on taking those first steps. Being here is the best step so far.


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              Hi Kit,
              As someone fighting my way back to health after a major medical incident (in my case breast cancer) let me tell you, I feel your pain but it does get better. I was where you are about 3-4 months ago. I know it's frustrating to feel weak as the proverbial kitten but keep at it. I would strongly recommend swimming if there is any feasible way to do that where you live. It helps with both strength and alignment issues.