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Neck pain from chin-up?

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  • Neck pain from chin-up?

    Hi, all,

    I'm just getting into PB and Primal Fitness. Doing chin-ups, I find that I repeatedly seem to injure my neck, resulting in an inability to turn my head for a day or two. What am I doing wrong?



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    Many people hyper-extend their necks when trying to get their chins over the bar. Remind yourself to do the work with your arm and back muscles, not your neck! Just keep looking straight forward, not up.


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      I second that. I've had the same neck pain from doing weighted chins, and it's always when I stretch out my chin to reach the bar. Your neck is already tensed, and when you try to move it under tension, it can result in strains. Sometimes it's hard when you really want to nail that last rep, but you have to concentrate on keeping your neck still in a neutral posture.
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        Try to imagine pulling the bar to your upper chest and keep your neck loose and straight.

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          Disagree a little with the look straight part. I think you actually need to tuck your chin a little to protect your neck/spine. I should know, I didn't and have a pinched nerve in my neck as a result.


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            Could be a trapezius strain with referred pain into your neck. I get this from time to time from heavy overhead press and doing pullups or chins with the exact same symptoms. Do you ever get knots along your shoulderblades? Do you have good scapular mobility? Mark did a good series on increasing mobility of varying joints and that was a good one.
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