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Big Bend National Park

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  • Big Bend National Park

    I am planning on camping at the Chisos Basin at Big Bend this month for the first time. I will be staying for 13 nights. Looking to do some day hikes, and maybe rafting if possible. Does anyone here have any experience with the park, and any recommendations for things to check out?


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    Damn dude that's a hell of a camping trip! Have fun and be safe! And don't forget the pics!


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      Oh, I adore Big Bend. There are lots of day hikes worth checking out - the Window (do the Live Oak side trail - it's steep but rewarding with a great view), Lost Mine, Santa Elena Canyon and Grapevine Hills going out to Balanced Rock are probably the most popular, with good reason. A high clearance vehicle +/- 4WD helps for getting around the park. South Rim is another must and is really best if you can do 1 night of backpacking, which lets you watch sunrise from the cliff tops and do side hikes like Emory Peak. If that's not an option, it's a 14 mile day hike with 2,500 feet of elevation gain in the first half - doable if you're reasonably fit. You should also check out the sand slide in Boquillas Canyon (then go to the hot springs to rinse off!) and get out of the park to have a beer at la Kiva, a bar in a cave in Terlingua. I can't comment on rafting but I'm sure you could find out plenty from outfitters in the area.

      ...I think that's enough for now. Hope you have a great trip!