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How to get the Primal TAN?

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    You don't need a tan in a cold climate. Get as much sun as you can, take vit D if you're deficient and don't worry. If your body needs protection from UV rays, it'll tan. If not, it won't.

    Besides, getting a tan in a cold climate can INHIBIT vit D absorption. High-melanin skin is less efficient at making vit D3 from sunlight (I can't remember why, just that more melanin = greater chance of D3 deficiency in the North -- and I assume far South too). Think about it: if you live on the equator you need better protection from sunburn and skin cancer (more melanin) and you don't need to get as much sunlight to make vit D (as there's more sun). It's why a number of drs have suggested that some ethnicities should be recommended to take D3 pills once they're living a certain distance from the equator (especially expecting mothers and the elderly). If you want your D3 to come as naturally as possible in a cold climate: let your skin go as pale as it likes. Then supplement when you get low.
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      If you want that Primal tan then you need to move to the 'bu and do beach sprints and stand up paddleboard like Mark.
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