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Body Weight Complexes: Little Time, Great Results!

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  • Body Weight Complexes: Little Time, Great Results!

    Here's a link to my latest blog post that includes a video of a body weight only complex. I like to use it in a variety of different workouts when I'm pressed for time. Let me know what you think!
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    Are you available for order online somewhere?

    In all seriousness though, rad video, no excuses about time!
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      those are totally fun. i didn't do an overhanded pull up, though, because my arms are tired after my extreme arm-balance focused yoga work out, but otherwise, it's fun. i did a chin for the first one, and then just hanging reverse shrugs for the rest. i did 5. then i had to put the kid to bed.

      anyway, that's awesome.


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        Nice one, Tim!
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          Looks great! Gunna try this out.
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            +1 ita.

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              Did you make that chin-up contraption and if so do you have any instructions. I was looking into making something similar but somehow having it swivel from the wall so I don't stub my toes on the T supports at the base.
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                Wow, thanks for the positive response everyone! You guys are the best!

                I'll have a longer article out that includes a workout for this complex in my next online magazine, I'll post a link to it when it's up and on my site. I'm glad you're all trying this one out, I really enjoy it a lot and I'll post some more soon!

                As for my chin up station, it was custom made out of steel pipes. I don't have the plans for it but it's pretty basic and it can be moved around with no effort at all. If you know anyone who works with steel I'm sure they could write you up something.
                Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.


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                  Hey Tim
                  very cool site and great videos. Is that a home made pullup bar? if so, any pointers on making one?


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                    Thanks morrissey, and yes that pull up bar was made for me out of steel pipes. It's simple stuff that anyone who works with steel could build you for rather cheap. Pretty much just cut, and treaded together. I didn't build it though so I don't have the plans.
                    Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.


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                      Chima, i made my own chin up bar from the same material, but mine is bolted into the ceiling of my work out area. That pipe is the steel black pipe and tee's and elbows that you can buy from Lowe's or home depot. it is used for gas lines inside your home and makes excellent pull up stations.
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                        I've seen an exercise routine very similar before, not sure about the chin-up part being included, though. Good stuff.

                        We also have made ourselves chin-up bars out of plumbing supplies purchased at Lowes, all threaded together and attached with a flange to a 2x4 screwed into the basement ceiling. Wrapped the pipe where gripped with Bike tape. Think I used 1/2" pipe and DH used 3/4"