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Any tips on Primalizing your day?

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  • Any tips on Primalizing your day?

    Greetings all Groks and Grokettes:

    Alright here's a brief glimpse into my daily work schedule.

    What I do: Drive a Ferryboat for the National Park Service.

    There are usually 2 captains working and we alternate every other trip. 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 etc. Last ferry leaves out at 4:30.

    Between trips we are taking care of routine maintenance on the boats, taking care of annual training, arranging safety meetings, and other office type stuff.

    I suppose I was looking for tips into how to incorporate more "Move around a lot at a slow pace" into my day so that I'm not just at the computer between trips.

    Any ideas? What do you guys do to "Move around a lot at a Slow pace"?

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    I'm sort of in the same boat (pun intended .

    It seems you have little say in how you work in the office. If you are stuck at the PC then you are the same as me.

    Try to walk more when you can. Park in the furthest car parking bay away from your workplace (or walk/catch public transport). Go for a walk at lunch time. Volunteer for the maintenance and 'hands on' stuff and leave the computer work for the others (if you can).

    Otherwise do your walking before or after work.

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      I'm lucky that I work in a small factory because it does give me the opportunity to walk and move around at least part of the day (when I'm not building stuff at my desk.)

      When I feel like I need to get up and move around I might do an impromptu set of push-ups against my desk. Or if I'm carrying something I'll lift it up over my head (if it's not horribly heavy.) If I'm waiting on something I'll use those couple of minutes to d a couple of squats or wall-sit. Anything to keep moving.


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        I'm an accountant so I sit at a desk all day. What I do is take 3 15 min walks around the building throughout the day and workout in the corporate gym at lunch... (we have a gym and locker room).


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          I eat lunch at my desk, then use my 30 minute "lunch break" time to go for a walk. And I print things at the far printer to have to get up and walk, go to the bathroom two floors up sometimes instead of the one on my floor...but it still feels like a lot of sitting (and it is). I wish I lived a little closer to my office, I'd definitely bike here if it were closer and safer (I don't think the drivers on the freeway would appreciate me riding my bike on the it's illegal

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            Desk job here, too, plus an hour's commute each way.

            BUT, I have the good fortune to live on a farm, so the daily chores keep me moving (walking, dragging hoses, toting buckets, tossing hay, etc) for a minimum of 40 min daily, just to cover the basics. Horse training and riding occupies a large portion of many evenings after work (2-4 hours).

            I also get up at 4am to work out, generally on a 3-days-on, 1-day-off schedule. Said workouts are never more than an hour long, and they consist of strength training and HIIT.

            Finally, I take 2-4 mile walks with my dogs most evenings at sunset.

            The point is this: I can't move around enough at work, but just about all my time at home is spent either moving or sleeping!

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