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  • weekly lifting program

    I discovered this site about six months ago and I love it. My story is similar to Mark's somewhat...I was an 8 year varsity athlete through college doing cardiovascular based sports (track then rowing), as well as a slave to carbs.

    I've made the effort to make my diet/exercisee more primal and have had great results. I wanted to share my weekly lifting routine with the community and possibly get some feedback.

    I got my program from a website called, which is a blog of two aspiring strong man (which by the way is a fascinating sport). It's a very simple compound only program designed for "beginners" that hits each muscle group twice a week:

    day 1

    deadlifts - 1 warm up set, 3 work sets

    bench - set of push ups, 3 work sets

    dips - 4 sets

    rows of some kind - (db or seated), 4 work sets

    day 2

    squats - (good squats, ass to grass) 1 warm up, 3 work

    db press - 1 warm up set, 3 work sets

    some kind of shoulder press (bb/military) - 1 warm up set, 3 work sets

    pull ups - 4 sets

    over a four week period I'll increase the weight and decrease the reps. I'll try a max effort maybe once every two months just out of curiosity. Then I'll start at a light weight with higher reps.

    I try not to train to failure every time but my athletic background has conditioned me to get fired up and go all out too often (I know, I know).

    some questions:

    how many times should I train a muscle group a week? To what intensity should I train and how often?

    Does doing multiple groups on the same day change the answer to the previous two questions?

    What kind of rest/recovery is optimal between sets?

    Is core work necessary at all, assuming I'm doing good quality squats/dl's ect?

    How often should I take breaks like a week off?

    I'm excited to hear this community's take on resistance training from a primal perspective

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    I'm not one to ding on a solid training routine, but at the same time, I'm at the point with my primal adaptations at which I'm really trying to push more randomness into the system: that is, randomness in what my workout is and whether or not it happens.

    Of course, this is after nearly a year of cycling through various more rigid routines: a full 12 weeks of Starting Strength last summer, 8 weeks of mainpage Crossfit, and 10 weeks of a hybrid program (mixed power- and Olympic-lifting with heavy, short metcons and gymnastics work). I'm now following the routines of a local Crossfit affiliate (Crossfit 603) which leans more towards strength stuff and shorter metcons overall, and just doing them all-out when I can rather than thinking about muscle groups and how my squat is doing.

    That, to me, is a more Primal approach to the whole shebang.


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      Speaking for my self, I find three gymdays a week the best, trying to exercise primal. I do not go for a "program", but tries to variate each week. On three gymdys every body part gets trained once, but in combination with different mucles each week. To keep it intense, I usually go for suprersetting two muscular groups. yesterday for example, I did back and chest. benchpress/forward leaning row(3 sets each), decline dummbell press/chins(2 sets), one arm press/one arm row(1set)