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  • Three Years of SimpleFit

    I worked out last night.

    SimpleFit, Day 1, Level 7.

    I was entering my results in my log, and I noticed that I have been doing SF for 142 weeks. "That's close to three years!" I thought to myself. A quick check on Google Calendar revealed that March 24, 2011 marks the third anniversary of my taking up SimpleFit. How to mark this occasion?

    By beating Level 7.

    I have been on Level 7 for a long time. I began it for the first time in June of 2009. Then, I slacked off and, in October of that year, I started over at Level 1.

    By April, 2010, I was back at Level 7, and, on August 7 of this year, I posted a PR time of 5'35" for Day 3.

    Then I went on vacation. Then I got a hernia. Then came fall. (Fall and winter seem to be when I struggle to stick to my workout schedule.) I have been fitting in workouts when I can, but it has been quite sporadic. When I do work out, it is usually Day 1 or 2. That Day 3 PR back in August was the last time I did Day 3!

    Now, comes Christmas. Which I will enjoy.

    Once Christmas has passed, I think I'll do the Whole 30, and whatever else I can think of to get myself into the best shape of my life.

    I usually get serious about SF in the spring. The days get longer and energy levels rise. It makes sense that I originally started SF at that time of year. But, if I am going to beat Level 7 by the time the anniversary rolls around, that means kicking myself into gear now...or right after Christmas.

    So that's what I am going to do. Beat Level 7.

    Then, once that's out of the way, I'll have my hernia surgery and start all over...with the SF Intermediate or Advanced workouts, or with something else entirely.

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    good stuff, cheapo. you are a simple fit monster. i can't even imagine being on level 7, let alone being able to break it.
    good luck with that day three judgment.


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      Any ideas where to get a cheap pull up bar? I live in an apartment, so I can't really mount anything... :/


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        congrats, cheapo. your progress is amazing. i will look forward to your post about kicking level 7's ass.

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          Originally posted by croí View Post
          Any ideas where to get a cheap pull up bar? I live in an apartment, so I can't really mount anything... :/
          Cori, I know the P90X doorway gym comes with mounting hardware but I have never installed it and it stays in place pretty well. Even if you did install the brackets, they only require a few small screw holes that you can fill with toothpaste when you move out and nobody would ever know it was there. If you are not mechanically inclined or do not have the tools, a handyman can install if for prety cheap I'm sure.

 (not "cheap", but has multiple grip options).

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            Good work cheapo I'm sure you'll smash the 5 minute mark by your anniversary date! Great program btw.
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              Originally posted by croí View Post
              Any ideas where to get a cheap pull up bar? I live in an apartment, so I can't really mount anything... :/
              I'm in the same situation. I got a Power Gym I think it's called -- it's one of those "as seen on TV," stick-it-over-a-door-frame deals. Works fantastic! Very versatile. I use it for pull-ups/chin-ups, and I also place it on the ground and use it for elevated push-ups (close-grip and wide) and as a stable base for jack-knife shoulder presses. Here's a picture of mine hanging from my door.

              It was $44 after taxes, I think.

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                Ebay is a good place.


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                  It has been three weeks since my original post. I am making decent progress.
                  In that time I have only missed 1 of 10 workouts.
                  My results for Day 1 are creeping up, today's workout (26 rounds) was only three rounds shy of my PR.
                  My results for Day 3 (only done twice since my original post) have already improved, with my last Day 3 being my second best time ever 00:05:42.


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                    Fantastic Cheapo. You are encouragement to us all.
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                      Excellent Cheapo! You are a strong encouragement us to us all.
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                        Saturday, January 8, 2010
                        • 4'55" (-00:47 cf. previous D3L7, -00:40 cf. previous PR)

                          Pull-ups: 40 (30-4-3-3)
                          Push-ups: 80 (30-10-10-10-6-4-5-4-1)
                          Squats: 80 (50-15-10-5)

                        Wow! I beat Level 7...and I did it ahead of schedule!


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                          Holy shit! Awesome stuff, man. Congrats. That's really impressive.


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                            I like the SimpleFit system I blogged about it. http://fitafter40vancouver.blogspot....simplefit.html
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