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  • Primal Survival Dice Game!!!

    Hey all! I decided to take the workouts of the week and put them in a list, now, these that I post are ones that I am able to accomplish with what I have available (which could be different for you!) so if you feel you want to add/subtract/change etc... obviously it's your call! I wrote up the last 4 on this list to fill in a gap with stuff I could do. Anyways, let me know what you think! Post any variations you might think would go well with this! I am always open to new ideas. I want to expand the list too, so I can use a 10 or 12 or 20 sided dice to make it more fun! Here it is! It's a long post, but I think worth the fun!

    Workout of the Week (WOW) List
    Take some dice, roll, and whatever number it lands on, thatís what you do!!!
    1.) Iím Gonna Be 500 Reps
    a. Hit 500 reps total, using the following:

    i. Pullups
    ii. Pushups
    iii. Handstand Pushups
    iv. Planks
    v. Weighted Lunges
    vi. Broad Jumps
    2.) The Bear
    a. 5 Cycles of 4 Reps: (Below list = 1 Rep, do 4 Reps for 1 Cycle)

    i. Clean, to
    ii. Front Squat, to
    iii. Push Press, to
    iv. Back Squat, to
    v. Behind the Neck Push-Press (back to the top)
    3.) Cave Burpees
    a. 100 Burpees for time (with pushups and jumps)

    4.) The Fight and Flight
    a. Total Max Reps in 3 Cycles of:

    i. 30 Seconds Decline Pushups
    ii. 30 Seconds Box Jumps
    iii. 30 Seconds Pullups
    iv. 30 Seconds Shoulder Press Pushups
    5.) Easy As 1, 2, 3,
    a. Max Cycles in 20 Minutes of:

    i. Pullup/Chinup
    ii. Pushups
    iii. Full Squats
    6.) Grok Versus Boar
    a. Four Sets Each of:

    i. 20 Lunges (push with your heels)
    ii. 10 Pullups (chest-to-bar, or as close as you can manage)
    iii. 10 Swings (70lbs KB!)
    iv. 15 Dips (add weight if desired)
    7.) Butcher The Boar
    a. Four Sets Each Of:

    i. 15 Sledgehammer Swings
    ii. 10 Rows
    iii. 10 Sandbag/Kettlebell Squat Cleans and presses
    8.) Weighted Carry Medley
    a. Two Sets of:

    i. 50 yards farmer walks (carrying two weights at your side)
    ii. 50 yards one sided walk (carry a weight slung over either shoulder repeat with other side)
    iii. 50 yards overhead carry, one handed (carry a weight overhead with one hand; repeat with other hand)
    iv. 50 yards overhead carry, two handed
    9.) Kettlebell Routine, 75%
    i. Clean and Press
    ii. Swings/Snatches
    10.) 5 x 5 Routine
    a. 5 Sets of 5 Reps of

    i. Handstand Pushups
    ii. Pull-Ups
    iii. Double KB Front Squat
    iv. Suitcase Lunges
    11.) Primal Survival
    a. Max Sets in 20 Minutes:

    i. Super Burpees
    ii. Plank Crawl
    iii. Wrestlerís Shuffle
    iv. KB/Barbell/Sandbag Clean and Push-Press
    12.) Naked Warrior Sets (or your Choice!)
    a. 10 x 1-2 Reps of

    i. One Arm Pushup
    ii. Pistol

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    I'm too out of shape to lift the dice - what should I do?


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      that's a pretty cool idea...though doesn't it make it impossible to do number one?
      and i think there may be one missing...a WOW from a few weeks ago that involved pushing a car.

      this dice idea might be good for anyone just doing a regular LHT workout...especially with body weight. assign 12 exercises a number and roll the dice to see which exercise you're doing, then roll again to see how many reps...go for about 20-30 minutes


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        yeah, true, fatal flaw, maybe #12 makes you do #1 or but yeah I see your point


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          oh Google has an app for dice real dice needed!


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            Originally posted by Primal2010 View Post
            oh Google has an app for dice real dice needed!
            Grok's crying.


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              LOL! well it's cheaper!!! I know dice are like super-cheap, but then I have to drive to the store does it all!!!