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  • DOMS/Recovery

    Ok, I've been really starting to push myself on my workouts, especially when it comes to weights. My number one goal right now is pull ups. I still have to compensate 45 lbs but it's better. I'm also learning to enjoy squats and hopefully lunges.

    My question is, how long should it take to recover from a good weight workout? I find that after 2 days my muscles still feel a bit achy and somewhat week. I'd like to get to the point where I can do a great workout every other day. Is this unreasonable? Is this something that will improve with time and working out, or am I not doing something I should be?

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    The soreness (DOMS) will definitely dissipate over time if you consistently do your workouts. I'm not sure doing that type of workout every other day will be that beneficial though. From what I've read twice a week might be optimal. Remember the gains come from the recovery period not during the workout itself. If you are really pushing it then twice a week should be enough.

    I still do P90X workouts from time to time and last Monday I did the Legs & Back workout. I was still sore on Thursday! I hadn't done that workout in about a month though.

    If you want to get stronger with pull ups check out this link. I think I found this site through Mark's Weekend Link Love:

    I'm going to give this technique a try because I've plateaued somewhat with my pull ups.


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      Very interesting article. I'll have to read it more in depth when I'm less sleepy. You're probably right that 2x a week is sufficient. I just enjoy the challenge, but for now I should be patient and content with twice.

      So far I've improved on the pull ups. I was compensating 55 lbs when I started and I'm down to 45. My original idea was to decrease to the point of compensating 0, then start adding weight gradually so that I'm pulling more than my own weight.

      I'll give that link a good look though. Thanks!