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How Children Develop Harmful Habits of Posture and Movement

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  • How Children Develop Harmful Habits of Posture and Movement

    Basically, it's a one-word answer: school.

    When children are old enough to go to school, a serious challenge to their health presents itself: sitting still for what seems like forever - tricky enough in itself - combined with some of the worst furniture design they’re ever likely to encounter. ...

    Take a look at a group of 5-6 year olds as they play and you’ll notice that for the most part they move with ease and agility. Then watch some 7-8 year olds and you’ll see the beginnings of hunched shoulders, tight necks, and restricted breathing that you can see more fully developed in many adults. I sometimes ask my Alexander Technique students to assemble a collection of photographs of themselves at various ages. It is striking just how often obvious physical deterioration seems to set in just when they first start going to school. [My emphasis]</blockquote>

    Nothing is likely to be done about this problem soon, because it is completely off most people&#39;s radar. But it just goes to show - people have it in their heads that "education" is an unmitigated good, but a lot of schools do very silly things to children. No one here needs to be told that they try to feed them the cheapest rubbish they can buy. Here is a perhaps equally important problem.

    They spend too much of the day sitting, and they&#39;re made to sit in unsuitable furniture.

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    I would have to agree that being made to sit, when you are young and full of energy, is one of the hardest things a child has to do.

    My personal opinion is that the furniture was designed to be uncomfortable at some point so as to force people to sit up and pay attention, rather than relaxing into it because the mores and strictures of the time viewed relaxed posture as lazy. Pure torture devices.

    I read once that children, like babies of all species, learn best while imitating their parents. They want to imitate their parents, do the things their parents do. It is built into the biological system of all young animals so that they learn how to survive. Humans would be no different. When do kids stop wanting to be like their parents? When they hit puberty.... when they are biologically capable of bringing up the next generation.

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      Never thought of it having that sort of impact, but it makes sense. Kids sit in school all day, then after school most parents enforce the "work now play later" rule where homework has to be done before anything else. And by the time that&#39;s done, the kids are worn out and/or the sun&#39;s down so outdoor activity is frowned upon.


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        If a five year old had the ability to organize and lead a large group of people, I would put one in charge of every gym class from elementary school through high school. When it comes to exercise and eating, kids are a lot smarter than adults. That is, until they get too used to being fed crap and fall into forced inactivity. So I respect and admire kids and endeavor to mimic their natural eating and exercise patterns. Hence the forums name

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