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  • What do you do when........

    your current workout gets stale?

    I've just come off a 3 week purely leg strengthening workout and now I'm bored of it and want to do something else. Some of you may remember my previous thread where I asked for hard upper body exercises so I could focus on my upper body instead. I've since had a rethink.....

    I found my previous workout boring because I was doing the same exercises for 3 weeks and my muscles got used to it. I'm now thinking, why don't I just make the exercises harder? Or chuck out the exercises I had and make a new workout, but keep the same goals. Or do both? Is this not unreasonable?

    What do you personally do?
    Here's my resolve.

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    I would try to find new ways to spice things up in my workouts. I find that beating the holy bejesus out of a punching bag at the end of my workouts keeps me pretty motivated. I'm always tweaking and changing my routines a bit but I have standby exercises that are always a part of my workouts. Bench, deads, pull-ups, chins, curls, overhead press...for example.
    In order to stick with it though, I think you need to find ways to enjoy what you do and to self motivate. For me, getting stronger and feeling good is all I need. (and beating the shit out of an inanimate object that can't hit back)


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      What’s working for me now is goal setting.
      To name one quick example: I want to do a muscle-up.

      Besides getting the technique down I need to be stronger in my pull-up in order to position my body for the second part of the maneuver which is the pushing away part. So I’m working on weighted pull-ups and explosive pull-ups until I can pull up to my belly (rather than stopping at my chin) I’m also working on straight-bar dips and getting my strength up in that, so I’m doing pull-ups and dips but not just for the sake of doing those, and not just for the sake of having stronger arms, back, chest, etc… I’m doing it 20% for those reasons and 80% because I want to muscle-up. Once I can MU… I’ll just do more and more I guess. I’ll speak on that once I’m there.

      I don’t know if that helps, but it works for me.
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        Originally posted by iniQuity View Post
        What’s working for me now is goal setting.
        To name one quick example: I want to do a muscle-up.
        exactly the same for me. working toward a goal really helps me keep workouts engaging and fresh by constantly hitting new numbers toward specific goals, such as a muscle up, human flag, or even endurance work like being able to run up a mountain.


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          Thanks guys for the responses so far.
          I have three goals, they are:

          To increase strength in my lower body.
          To increase core stability.
          To increase flexibility by stretching fully after every workout and training session.

          I'm thinking now that I should probably add something tangible, a workable towards goal as such. If so then I have the perfect one in mind, about 3 mins away from my house is a steep hill, I used to do sprints on it but stopped for some reason. Anyway, I've always wanted to be able to sprint to the top, it's quite steep and quite long, but that's where the challenge is
          Any other goals you could think of? It's primarily of the lower body variety since that's what I'm looking to improve in right now.
          Here's my resolve.


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            Pistol squats, shrimp squats. If those get too easy add weight. No offense but it's going to be hard for us to create goals for you. It's got to be something you have interest in and YOU want to accomplish. If I was into Parkour or something my goals wouldn't be to muscle-up on a bar but to muscle-up on a ledge and jump off a building, etc etc... find something/someone you look up, or something cool you think you may not be able to do and start working at it.

            It's hard to build a leg strength specific goal but I guess you can try to squat twice your body weight or something. Some people are into that.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              My goal was at one time to muscle up lol, but that was more because I was so close but annoyed at not being able to make the switch, I've since surpassed that goal though.
              Yeah, I get what you mean, I'll have to think long and hard about a goal to work towards. I think it may end up being something like do a certain number of an exercise, because I can do pistol squats, just not successively, perhaps two at a time on a good day haha.
              I would definitely go for squatting double my bodyweight if I 1. Knew how much I weighed, and 2. Had money to go to a gym to do the former and train to squat double my bodyweight :/

              Thanks for the suggestions though
              Here's my resolve.


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                What I'm doing in my case if buying a new kettlebell. Something completely new and interesting. Swings and presses and all that, but I'm also psyched to try and do pistols with the thing. Just deciding on a 35 or 40 pounder...

                Just find something else you find fun and do it, man. Find some crazy way to challenge yourself that's really different from what you're doing now.


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                  Try to trim your pubes holding the scissors with your toes. Crazy leg workout, will test not only your flexibility but your accuracy and inner strength. I do this weekly after a hot bath while listening to Enya. Nothing manlier than battle scars on yer nuts.
                  I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                    I think the best advice as far as goal setting is to set measurable ones, just like with weight loss. "Get Skinnier" is really not as motivating as "fit comfortable into 32" jeans. My fitness goals involve squatting my own weight (190), getting a muscle-up, and similar. So I'd advise to first define what you mean in measurable terms by "get stronger" - What will you be able to do, that you can't do now, when you are "stronger"?
                    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                      I've tried pistols with my 16kg KB Bane, it actually helps alot with your balance more.
                      Lol, no way I'll be trying that ever iniQuity haha.
                      Hmmm, I see what you're getting at tfarny

                      I have decided to work mostly on my single leg jumping and my balance, think I'll train more to do a few sets of pistols, let's say 10 just for a goal that's not too "out there" right now.
                      I have a few Parkour oriented goals in mind that I want to complete, a few standing armjumps and precisions I want to tick off, but those will only really apply when I'm out there training.
                      Achieving 10 pistols and improving single leg jumping could be two, as for increasing core stability, I can always work upto holding an L-sit for time since my L-sit holding time is abysmal right now.

                      The goals are something I would have to give a major think over about.
                      Here's my resolve.


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                        Mix it up each time.

                        Me and friends workout together. Monday is 300 day (as in the movie 300) and have about 6 different workouts to chose from. Wednesday is lift heavy things day. Friday is crossfit day.

                        We're not bored at all and have been going over a year like this. We still change every 6 weeks or so to emphasise one type of workout over the other depending on how we feel.


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                          How about these goals:

                          To increase lower body strength and to do 1 set of 5 pistol squats. (I can do more than 5 already, but not in succession, have to take a few seconds out to regain my balance)
                          To increase core stability and hold an L-sit for 30 seconds.
                          Here's my resolve.


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                            I agree with those who suggest setting concrete/measurable and attainable goals to keep you motivated.

                            Sometimes I have trouble coming up with reasonable goals (e.g., "I want to add 20 lbs of muscle this year" doesn't really work for me), or I lose interest in the goals I come up with (e.g., I wanted to work up to 20 pullups, but once I got close -- to 15 or 16 -- I just didn't care enough any more to push myself further). In cases like these, I use one of two trump cards:

                            1) Add more weight. This works great for lots of different types of workouts. Since I'm normally doing bodyweight exercises, I just strap on a backpack with something heavy in it (I use gallon jugs of water) and see how many reps I can hit. For some reason I get bored working up to 20 non-weighted pullups, but working up to 10 two-gallon pullups is a lot more interesting.

                            2) Work toward an interesting physical skill -- like the muscle-ups already mentioned. I'm currently working on handstands (and eventually handstand pushups), which requires an interesting (to me) combination of balance, coordination, and strength.