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  • 'Negatives' might help!

    So i was reading a number of places where people (particularly the gals) were saying that they wanted to do chin-ups, without the support of bands or what nots.

    it is possible, and here's how it accidently happened for me.

    for some reason, i got into my head that i wasn't able to do them, and so i just was doing other things--pull downs with a chin-up form, and so on. just avoided them.

    then, my rock climbing friend would help me do "negatives" at the rock gym. grant you, i was hanging from a rock=shaped training do-hicky, but the idea was that he would lift me up so that my chest touched the "bar" (rock shaped training do-hicky), and then i would lower myself super slowly for his count of ten. And sometimes he would mess with me by counting slower!

    anyway, at home, i would practice with a chair. i would get up on the chair and be able to get the bar at my chest, then step off the chair and slowly lower myself down with good form. then, i'd jump down, get back on the chair, get up again, and do this a number of times.

    Then, one day, this one sexist PITA guy at a party was saying how "girls aren't strong" and other crap, and i was like "i'll take you up on the challenge" (i knew he wasn't fit). so, we did push ups (i did more), sit ups (and other ab work), and i did more. and then he said "yeah, but girls CAN"T do chins!"

    oh yes we can! Even though i'd only been doing negatives for a few weeks, i banged out 20 of them (for his 13!).

    so, maybe give it a try? do your chins with your support or however you're doing it, and then do some negatives without it. see what happens!

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    20??? Hot damn!
    Way to show him up!
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      LOL GOOD for you! Glad you showed him up!

      Negatives do work my friend used to make me do them, I seriously lack any sort of upper body strength and they're the only way I could get anything done.


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        Originally posted by Annika View Post
        20??? Hot damn!
        Way to show him up!

        I have done negatives and they're great. My pullup bar is not too high so I jump up & slowly lower myself.
        damn I can't wait for my shoulder to heal!!!! *I* want to do 20 chins!!!


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          admittedly, this was some time ago (before i was pregnant), and i haven't done chins in two years because i've been lifting/carrying my kid around and i also have a left shoulder thing.

          i think my left shoulder thing is from 1. freestyle acrobatic breast feeding; 2. an emotional/energetic block (just figured that out this weekend); and 3. not taking care of it soon enough. But it is getting better, and i'm sure that i'll be able to do chins soon, since i have started doing negatives again.

          i'm also training with my friend Evan (a personal trainer) and trading my yoga with him. He knows my goals (re: AcroYoga teacher training), and so i'm sure he'll annoy me into chin ups.


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            Thanks for this, Zoebird! Looking forward to using this technique when I finally get around to ordering a pull-up bar...
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